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9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great

Car lights are very familiar to drivers. After all, they are used whenever you drive. However, many of us only know how to operate car lights, and even some novice car owners may not even know the correct operation method. So today we will share some interesting knowledge about car lighting, hoping it will be helpful to everyone when using their car.

1. Car lights with the worst lighting effects

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 1

If your car lights have the structure as shown above, with only one lamp and a cover outside the lamp bead, then the lighting effect of your car lights may not be very satisfactory. This is the lowest-cost integrated high and low beam headlight.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 2

It uses a lamp bead and a reflective bowl, but it can provide high beam and low beam at the same time. The secret lies in the lamp bead. There are two filaments inside the lamp bead, one is responsible for the low beam and the other is responsible for the high beam. Although this saves costs, it reduces the lighting effect.

2. The car lights that best show the sincerity of the manufacturer

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 3

Rear fog lights and reversing lights can best show the sincerity of the manufacturer. The national standard stipulates that both rear fog lights and reversing lights must be equipped, but the number can be two or one. It is not required, so some manufacturers will do it in order to save costs. A rear fog light and a reversing light are used. Although it meets regulatory requirements, the effect is definitely not as good as the two.

3. The lowest priority car light: rear fog light

The rear fog light must be turned on when the high beam or low beam is turned on to work properly. If you do not turn on the high beam or low beam, then even if you turn on the rear fog light switch, it will not light up, so many car owners I always mistakenly think that the rear fog light is broken.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 4

The reason is very simple, because the rear fog lights are very dazzling, even more dazzling than the brake lights. Even if they are turned on during the day, they will seriously affect the visibility of the cars behind. Therefore, it is necessary to impose certain restrictions on the conditions for turning on the rear fog lights and try to avoid them. The influence of the car behind.

4. Some cars are equipped with headlight cleaning devices because the lights are too bright.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 5

Nowadays, many cars have headlight cleaning devices. This is because the national standard stipulates that when the brightness of a single light source of the headlight exceeds a certain range, a headlight cleaning device must be equipped, because dust is easy to accumulate on the lampshade. When the car lights are too bright, these dusts will cause serious problems. glare, affecting other vehicles.

5. Cars with daytime running lights generally have automatic headlights

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 6

If your car has original daytime running lights, then your car must also have automatic headlights. Because the national standard requires this, this is to prevent you from forgetting to turn on the headlights at night. Because the daytime running lights are very bright, some car owners forget to turn on the headlights after dark, causing danger. Therefore, regulations require that as long as daytime running lights are equipped, they must be equipped with automatic headlights, and only if the lights are selected in AUTO The daytime running lights will light up normally only after the vehicle is in gear position.

6. Interior lighting may affect safety

Cars all have interior lights, also called reading lights. This light can only be used when parking and is best not used while driving, especially when driving at night. Because the surrounding light is relatively dark at night, the pupil of the human eye will expand, allowing more light to enter the eyeball, allowing the person to see the surrounding situation as clearly as possible.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 7

If you turn on the interior lights in the car, the light will stimulate the pupils and cause them to constrict. As a result, less light enters the eyes, making it harder for you to see the situation outside the car. What's even more frightening is that you can't feel the adjustment of your pupils at all, so you don't even know that you are in danger.

7. Use the license plate light to charge the battery

If a car's battery runs out of power and the mechanical key is broken, how can you easily open the car door? Let me tell you a trick: you can remove the license plate light, then connect the positive pole of the power supply to the positive wire of the license plate light, and connect the negative pole of the power supply to the car body, and then press the unlock button on the remote control. You will find that the car door can be unlocked normally. .

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 8

The principle is actually simple, because many car license plate lights are controlled by the negative pole, which means that the positive pole of the light bulb is directly connected to the battery, and the switch is installed on the negative pole, so you connect the positive pole of the external power supply to the positive pole of the license plate light. It is equivalent to connecting the positive terminal of the battery, so it can provide power to the vehicle.

8. Some old cars use your feet to control the lights.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 9

When driving, we sometimes need to flash the high beam to alert other vehicles or pedestrians. The specific operation is to turn the turn signal control handle in the direction of ourselves. But a few decades ago, the dimmer switch in many cars was controlled by foot. It was located at the lower left of the clutch. When you needed to flash the high beam, you just stepped on this switch. Drivers who could play with this light had poor driving skills. It will be bad.

9. Modification of automatic high and low beams

Some cars have an automatic high and low beam adjustment function. Although the original intention of this function is to automatically switch the low beam when meeting another car to improve safety, the actual use experience is not good because the sensor is too sensitive and sometimes It will misjudge the street light as an oncoming vehicle and automatically switch to low beam.

9 cool facts about car lights: if you know half of them, you will be great 10

This sensor is usually installed behind the rearview mirror in the car. You can try to use a dark glass mirror to block the light sensor in front of it, which can reduce the sensitivity of the sensor and reduce the possibility of misjudgment.

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