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Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc

Alfa Romeo, I believe that most domestic consumers are still relatively unfamiliar with it. After all, this car company, which has been established for more than a hundred years, only officially entered China in April 2017. But for hardcore car fans, Alfa Romeo is all too familiar. After all, it is different from other car brands. Alfa Romeo has been involved in racing since the founding of the factory, and it did not temporarily withdraw from the track until the end of the 2007 WTCC season. It can be seen that its racing genes have been deeply embedded in the brand.

Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc 1

It is precisely because of Alfa Romeo's excellent racing genes that the sports performance of its models has been loved by many car fans. Especially when Giulia was launched on the market, its elegant appearance and powerful power performance made consumers all over the world fall in love with it. . Of course, domestic consumers are increasingly clamoring for the Giulia. Therefore, in April 2017, Alfa Romeo officially entered China with the Giulia, and the rush to buy it was quite shocking. 350 units on Tmall were worth 433,800 yuan. The limited edition Giulia Milano sold out in 33 seconds, which is enough to reflect the popularity of Giulia.

Why is it so popular?

In fact, the popularity of Alfa Romeo Giulia is inseparable from its powerful power performance. Among them, the 280HP is equipped with a high-power version of the 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 280 horsepower. The transmission system is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual gearbox. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 5.3 seconds.

Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc 2

This power performance is even more powerful than the BMW 330i. Not only that, but its handling and traffic jam genes have also caused many consumers who originally planned to buy a BMW 3 Series to switch to Giulia. But for the first batch of consumers who buy Giulia, are you really prepared to become niche car owners?

Reduce allocation when entering China?

Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc 3

After entering China, all Alfa Romeo Giulias, except for the four-leaf clover version with a price of one million yuan, are equipped with all-season tires, which leads to a significant decline in road performance. Therefore, after entering China, many mainstream media tested the Giulia's acceleration to 100 kilometers, and it was much slower than the official claim of 5.3 seconds. Not only that, after equipped with this tire, its braking distance from 100 kilometers reaches 43.29 meters, which is far behind the same level of cars.

The car owner was shocked when the engine stalled and almost caused a car accident

Apart from the tire issues, as a pure Italian model, its reliability is self-evident. According to car owner complaints on the Auto Complaints Network, Ms. Li from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province purchased a Giulia, but on June 1, she was left with a terrible shadow by the car.

Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc 4

Ms. Li said that while driving on the highway, the vehicle's engine suddenly vibrated violently, then stalled and lost power, almost causing a serious traffic accident. Shortly after the 4S store personnel arrived and started the vehicle again, the problem reoccurred.

It was then towed back to the 4S shop for a week of testing, and was eventually confirmed to be a problem with the engine's low-pressure module, and the engine was replaced, but other than that, there was no compensation. Ms. Li believes that the severity of the accident is enough to cause serious consequences. The car has already brought a terrible psychological shadow to her.

Are you either repairing your car or on the way to repair your car? Giulia owner reveals he was shoc 5

In fact, in addition to more serious quality problems such as Ms. Li's, Alfa Romeo Giulia is often complained about by car owners for minor problems, such as the trip computer still alarming after fastening the seat belt, the ignition not starting when the power is turned on, the wipers failing, and the sunroof opening. Does not open, keyless entry fails, windows need to be pressed multiple times to open and close, windows make abnormal noises during raising and lowering, etc.

In appearance, the seams of the car body are uneven, the taillights are cracked for no reason, and the taillights are unevenly installed, ranging from deep to shallow. The most common problems are that the engine fault light is always on and vibrating, which also makes many car owners complain. Some car owners jokingly said: After buying this car, it is either in the repair shop or on the way to the repair shop.

Can feelings really be eaten?

Alfa Romeo certainly has its appeal, but there's no escaping the reliability that owners often criticize. Of course, as a model sold in Maserati 4S stores, many car owners have complained about its maintenance and repair costs.

As a car company that has been established for a century, many consumers choose it because of its early adopters and sentiments. But given its current reliability, are you still willing to give up mainstream luxury brands and choose it? This may be worth pondering.

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