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Audi Q3 Third Generation Steering Gear Replacement

This steering machine is a third-generation zfkwp protocol steering machine produced by ZF company. The g85 steering machine sensor is integrated in the steering machine. The electronic components are relatively reliable and the failure rate of the control unit is low. Generally, the failure is caused by the failure of the steering machine angle sensor after the impact, and a few are mechanical abnormal sound failures. (the third generation ZF steering machine is common to many Volkswagen models)Replace the steering gear 1. Generally, the steering gear has abnormal mechanical noise inside, or the fault code displays after an accident: the mechanical fault of the steering gear angle sensor is active / static, and the matching setting cannot be set, so the steering gear must be replaced.2. Before and after replacing the steering gear, check to ensure that all fuses, power supplies, harnesses, grounding and plugs are free from faults, so as to prevent judgment errors and unnecessary losses.

Audi Q3 Third Generation Steering Gear Replacement 1

3. Use the decoder Langren ps90 to read the matching channel value of the old steering machine, which must be read before replacement. After replacing the new steering machine, input the matching channel value of the old steering machine to work normally. If the steering machine system cannot read, find the same model to read. The reading method is as follows: Select vehicle type and enter address code 44 power steering system. Enter the function menu, select match, then read the channel number value from 001-009, record it and input it into the new direction machine.

Meaning of channel number value:

From the above channel number value, you can see: Channel 1   It is used to control the power of the steering machine. This function channel 2 has been cancelled in the third generation   It is the color prompted by the instrument light. Generally, the value channel 3 is not changed   It is the brake system. The general model selection is value 2 Channel 4   It is an automatic parking system, and the value channel 5 is selected according to the model configuration   The general selection value is 0, channel 6, 7 and 8   The value selects channel 9 according to the configuration of the vehicle model   The selection value of the third generation steering gear is 0, and the g85 angle sensor is integrated in the steering gear (for some models, the steering gear angle sensor is integrated on the steering column control unit and airbag oil wire, select the value of 1)

Setting after replacing the steering gear (input the old matching channel value first)

Audi Q3 Third Generation Steering Gear Replacement 2

1. After replacing the steering gear for four-wheel alignment, the basic setting of g85 angle sensor needs to be done. Enter the address code 44 to select - secure access, enter the login code 40168 and confirm, return to select the basic setting, enter the channel number 60 to confirm, enter the interface, detect the third area, the steering angle sensor value must be 0, and then click - on / off, the second area becomes normal, and the setting is completed. During the road test, please turn the steering wheel to the limit position left and right and pause for more than 2 seconds until the steering machine fault light goes out and the fault code is cleared.

2. Note: sometimes the angle sensor cannot be set in the 44 steering gear system, you can also enter the 03 ABS system to set the angle sensor. The setting method is the same as above.

3. After setting, the fault code has been completely cleared and the steering light has been turned off. If the direction deviates during the road test (note that the four-wheel alignment must be accurate), find a flat and straight road, and then swing the steering wheel by hand until the car goes straight, regardless of whether the steering wheel position is correct, and then stop slowly and completely, Use the ps90 decoder to enter the steering machine address code 44 - select secure access - enter 40168 to confirm, then enter the basic setting, channel number 60, click on / off to complete the setting, and then adjust the steering wheel to the center position.

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