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[auto PK] Civic 1.0t/corolla

Last year, Honda accelerated the launch of SUVs and cars in the domestic market. Among them, the strength of Dongfeng Honda's tenth generation Civic (hereinafter referred to as civic) after its listing is eye-catching. Corolla, which has long been at the forefront of compact cars, has also followed the market and launched a model equipped with small displacement turbocharging. But today's two protagonists are in the entry-level position in their respective car lines. Who can stand out in the face of consumers with limited budget but requirements for space and configuration?

why their duel?

Civic, born with a sports label, can't match Carola in any way. But now the situation is a little different. In addition to the evolution of power, the improvement of configuration and space enables civic to take into account more aspects, and also gives it the ability to challenge Carola.

how about the ride space?

Thanks to the advantages of the new platform, the 10th generation Civic has further excavated the interior space on the basis of the original. Carola's space has always been satisfactory.

Because the civic rear seats have a backward tilt angle, the head space can be guaranteed despite the influence of the roof curve. Moreover, the padding of the fabric seat is thick enough, and the ride comfort is good. Carola seats are still spacious and comfortable. Although they are not wrapped, they can cater to passengers of different shapes. The flat floor in the back row is convenient for passengers to enter and exit.

whose configuration is more comprehensive?

Since the price of corolla 1.6L CVT participating in the comparison test is not at the same level as that of civic 180turbo CVT, we take corolla 1.2t as a reference in the configuration comparison to show fairness.

appearance: different expressions of youth

interior decoration: competition of ergonomics

In terms of power, civic 180 turbo is equipped with a 1.0T engine, with a maximum power of 92kw (125ps) / 5500rpm and a maximum torque of 173n M / 2000-4500rpm. Carola still uses the familiar 1.6L engine, with a maximum power of 90kw (122ps) / 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 154N M / 5200rpm. Both vehicles are equipped with CVT gearbox, civic 180 turbo with S / L gear and eco mode, and corolla with analog 8-speed manual gear mode.

From the book parameters, the 1.0T engine did not fall downwind. After all, there is a plain maximum torque output near the commonly used 2000 rpm, which is also one of the advantages of the turbine engine. Compared with the 1.6L self-priming engine, the middle acceleration of 1.0T will be more aggressive.

With the help of the turbine, the 1.0T engine is getting better at 2000 rpm and more energetic at 3000 rpm, but the decline in the later stage is as inevitable as most small displacement turbocharging. At this point, the toughness of the 1.6L engine will be slightly better. However, in the case of urban use, the difference between the two is not obvious. The lower twist and richer 1.0T can get more people's favor.

Carola's s s-cvt reaction is fast enough, and it can simulate 8 gears and drive in a gentle way. There is basically no problem. However, the fast pace of floor oil has reduced its response speed. After all, Carola is still positioned as a family car.

Civic's 1.0T engine makes the front weight lighter, and the wide and short body makes the understeer when entering the corner very little. In addition, after the rear suspension was replaced with a multi link structure, the seismic filtering effect of the civic chassis did not disappoint us. The fragmentary vibration was basically isolated, and the excess body fluctuation could be restrained in the face of large-scale throwing and jumping.

0-100km / h acceleration

The starting speed of civic 180 turbo is 2500 rpm, and then the CVT transmission has been maintained in efficient operation, keeping the engine in the burst range of maximum torque, and the final acceleration result of 0-100km / h is 10.28 seconds. The starting speed of corolla is 2000 rpm. The s-cvt gearbox simulates at like upshift during acceleration, and the final result is 10.51 seconds.

100-0km / h braking test

Conclusion: standing as a latecomer, the 10th generation Civic can adapt to the changes of the market, so it can feel a more comprehensive and balanced improvement. As for Carola, the golden mean wrapped in youth is still its magic weapon, but Carola has lost the upper hand in front of civic 180 turbo. After all, in the rapidly changing market, the competition is often the understanding of consumer needs, and Civic has undoubtedly mastered the right to speak.

[auto PK] Civic 1.0t/corolla 1

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