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[auto PK] SAIC Roewe I6 / Nissan Xuanyi

Comfortable driving, large enough space and fuel saving are basically our biggest demand for an economical household scooter. Nissan Xuanyi takes into account all these aspects and has a good reputation. However, with the youth of car buyers, appearance is also an indispensable demand for them to buy cars, and household needs to be trendy. SAIC Roewe I6 has won a lot of attention recently with its high appearance design. What kind of spark will a high-value newcomer encounter an experienced old driver?

why their duel?

Although the SUV market is still burning, it is difficult to hide the huge market potential of compact cars. After all, the Chinese people's complex for hatchback cars still exists. Therefore, whether we can grasp the core demand of consumers for family cars has become the key to win.

how about the ride and storage space?

From cars and even SUVs, it is difficult to escape the fate of being lengthened in China, which shows the high importance of rear space. The Roewe I6 has already taken this into account in terms of body size. Compared with the three dimensions of an intermediate car, it has inherent advantages, and it is no less impressive than Xuanyi, a leader in the same level.

In comparison, the space advantage of Xuanyi has been replaced by Rongwei I6. As for the actual riding experience, the soft and spacious seat of Xuanyi can really please the ass, but the Roewe I6 body is wider, especially when the rear row is full of three adult men, the body can stretch more and won't feel bent.

whose configuration is more comprehensive?

Configuration difference of Rongwei I6 20t automatic Internet Zhizhen version / Xuanyi 1.6L CVT Zhizun version

interior: sense of technology vs home style

Test: turbine vs self priming

0-100km / h acceleration

In the 100km acceleration test, the Roewe I6 equipped with 1.5T has very obvious advantages. Although the power limit is relatively large when starting, the final 100km acceleration result is 8.3 seconds, much faster than Xuanyi's 12.20 seconds.

100-0km / h braking test

In the braking test, the performance of both are very stable, but the Rongwei I6 has better support and the posture will be more stable. Finally, the braking distance of 100-0km / h is 39.39m, while the result of Xuanyi is 40.37m

Noise test

At idle speed, the noise of the two vehicles is basically the same, but at medium and low speed, the performance of Rongwei I6 will be better, but at high speed, the wind noise of Rongwei I6 will become more and more obvious.

Conclusion: from the performance of the whole test, Rongwei I6 is not only in the forefront of its own brand, but also has many advantages in front of joint venture competitors. Especially in the design that was not valued by independent brands before, I6 can shine in front of people. From the earliest imitation to the later positive R & D, and now it has been able to launch a positive competition for the joint venture brand alone. The independent brand is experiencing the process of growth and transformation. In contrast, Xuanyi's mature design and spatial layout make it very suitable for the role of family car, but in front of Rongwei I6, although it can still maintain its position in a short time, I'm afraid it is also in danger.

[auto PK] SAIC Roewe I6 / Nissan Xuanyi 1

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