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BYD Han EV first blood

One night last week when I was reversing, my car's butt hit the construction vehicle, and the taillight cracked.

BYD Han EV first blood 1

BYD Han EV first blood 2

Because of the delay in using the car (shenzhen-dongguan round trip every day), I haven't been able to repair it. It's the weekend soon. I sent my car to a 4S shop near the company for repair this morning (the first time in more than 6 years of driving that I had my own car repaired). I decided to take the bus home after work in the afternoon. I haven't taken a bus in many years. I also want to experience it, but I actually don’t have the money to take a taxi.

BYD Han EV first blood 3

It just so happened that the Shenzhen-Dongguan cross-city bus was opened this year, which is much more convenient than before. In the past, there were only buses operated by private companies. Many people who often travel from Baoan to Dongguan should have taken the Chang 7, Chang 18, and Chang 21 buses. The tickets are Not only is it expensive, it also doubles during holidays, and the attitude is extremely bad. Now it is basically unavailable and out of service.

I searched for the itinerary on the map, and fortunately I only needed to transfer once to get home. Although the bus fare for the whole journey was only 5.5 yuan (more than 4 yuan after discount), I suddenly found that it was more expensive than the electricity bill of driving by myself.

BYD Han EV first blood 4

BYD Han EV first blood 5

From the time I picked up the car in July to October 3, the total mileage was 6,124 kilometers. The electricity bill from July to September totaled 365 yuan. The comprehensive car electricity bill was about 0.06 yuan/km.

BYD Han EV first blood 6

Mileage on October 3

BYD Han EV first blood 7

Charging pile electricity bill

The one-way trip home from the company is 30 kilometers, and the electricity bill is less than 2 yuan. The cost advantage of tram is obvious.

I am a BYD Han EV owner living in the Dongguan-Shenzhen twin cities, and I would like to share more about tram life with you. Welcome+Follow

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