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Can the headlights of a car be modified? Is it illegal?

Can the headlights of a car be modified? Is it illegal? 1

When buying a car, many car enthusiasts choose relatively low-end models in order to save budget. After all, low-end models are often more cost-effective. The top-end models of some models can often buy two low-end models. Although low-end models are cost-effective It is high, but the configurations are naturally less, and there are many very valuable configurations that are not available. This can not but be said to be a pity. "Xenon lamps" are very valuable configurations, but many low-end models of joint venture cars have It is not equipped, so many car enthusiasts will choose to modify it themselves after buying low-end models. However, our country has strict restrictions on modification. Lets talk about whether this modified xenon headlight complies with the regulations! The advantages of xenon headlights include "high brightness, wide field of view, long life" and many other advantages! But it is this high brightness that makes many blindly modified xenon lamps illegal. The reason is that the xenon lamps are only modified without adding a lens. The light of the xenon lamp without a lens is scattered and irregular, which is easy. It will cause the driver in the opposite lane to be blinded instantly when meeting another car, causing an accident. Therefore, it is absolutely illegal to modify the "xenon lamp" without adding a lens. Even if the car is not inspected at the inspection line, it is easy to be "saluted" even while driving on the road. "of. . Of course, you will definitely not pass the annual review! Therefore, when modifying xenon headlights, you must install a lens! Secondly, the requirements of our relevant laws and regulations for car lights focus on whether the lumen is qualified, but this "lumen" only sets a lower limit requirement. For example, the high beam cannot be less than 1450 lumens, and the low beam cannot be less than 1050 lumens. The requirements in this regard are not strict. Any car light can meet the standard. After all, there are only lower limit (minimum) requirements, but no upper limit (maximum) requirements!

At this point, friends may understand that modified xenon headlights can pass the review, but the premise is that the lumen must meet the requirements, low beam: greater than 1050 lumens. High beam: required to be greater than 1450 lumens. In addition, when modifying xenon headlights, you must install a lens. Double-layer lenses are better. If you do this, there will be no problem in passing the review.

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