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Car fog light symbol illustration and meaning

Shanghai has a lot of spring fog, and the first winter fog ushered in on the first day of the winter solstice. Shanghai has the highest number of family cars in the country. How to drive safely in foggy weather is very important, especially for new drivers practicing driving and how to use fog heads correctly. It is necessary to remind and popularize knowledge.

Among car lights, there are many that look similar, such as high beam and low beam, as well as front fog lights and rear fog lights. How to distinguish car fog light signs? How to turn on car fog lights? Let’s get to know it through diagrams.

Car fog light symbol illustration and meaning 1

In fact, you can see that there is a clear difference between the front fog light logo and the rear fog light logo. The one with the light line pointing downward is the front fog light, while the one with the straight light line is the rear fog light. After turning on the width light, the fog lights can be turned on. It is worth mentioning that the front fog lights are monotonically controlled, while the rear fog lights must be turned on at the same time as the front fog lights and cannot be turned on monotonically. There are several types of car fog light switches, namely knob type and push-button type, among which the knob type is the most common.

Car fog light symbol illustration and meaning 2

The knob-type opening is very simple. You only need to turn the switch to the corresponding position to choose to turn on the front and rear fog lights. Not to mention the button type, the corresponding function can be realized by just pressing it.

Car fog light symbol illustration and meaning 3

What is the function of fog lights? When to use fog lights? This aspect is not difficult for experienced drivers, but for many drivers and novices, it is really difficult to answer. Fog lights, as the name suggests, are light signals used in rainy and foggy weather. Its main feature is its strong penetration in fog. In weather with low visibility, it is easy for vehicles or pedestrians to notice it early, thereby effectively preventing accidents.

Car fog light symbol illustration and meaning 4

Due to the special principle of fog lamps, they have a certain range of use. First of all, the light source of fog lamps has no directionality and looks similar from all angles. When separated by heavy fog, the light intensity is just right. Therefore, car owners can use fog lights in environments with poor visibility. When the fog lights are turned on, it actually interferes a lot with the sight of other people driving. Of course, this interference occurs in an environment with good visibility. The fog lights will be very dazzling, and in serious cases can cause damage to the driver's eyes. This is why fog The lamp cannot be used as an ordinary lighting lamp. (over)

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