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car fog lights

Due to the frequent occurrence of extreme bad weather in nature, when a car is driving in bad weather, the driver's vision is not good and traffic accidents are very easy to occur. For safe driving, cars are equipped with fog lights, both front and rear. There are ones on the left and right in the front, and most of them are installed on the left tail in the back.

car fog lights 1

1. Car fog light switches are easy to identify. Due to different manufacturers' designs, there are rotary type and push-button type. They are usually marked with diagrams.

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2. Why install fog lights? Because of the weather. In foggy, sandy, snowy, rainy days, the visibility in front of the vehicle is very low, and the high and low beams are relatively concentrated, especially the high and low beams cannot penetrate these substances, so the driver's sight distance is blocked when driving, which is very dangerous. Hidden danger.

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3. Why are the fog lights in front of the vehicle a yellow line of light instead of a red line of light? And the light is relatively diffuse? Because the yellow light has strong penetrating power, it can penetrate those substances that affect the vision, and the light is soft and will not affect the vision of oncoming drivers. Therefore, front fog lights generally use yellow light. The penetrating power of red light is also good, but if it is installed in the front, its light will be very dazzling, which will affect the sight of the driver of the other side of the car.

4. Why do the rear fog lights of vehicles use red light? Usually only installed on the left side? Mainly because the red light has strong penetrating power, reminding the car behind you that the fog lights have been turned on. There is only one fog light installed at the back, mainly to distinguish it from the brake light, because the brake light is also red. If two fog lights are installed, they will easily be confused with the brake lights for cars behind.

car fog lights 4

Only one fog light is installed on the right side of the back because our country implements the right-side traffic principle. When a vehicle behind you wants to overtake, if your visibility is not very good, you can use this fog light as a reference point to overtake to prevent scratches.

Fog lights are only turned on under special circumstances. Many people like to turn on fog lights at night. This is a very harmful practice. For oncoming cars under the yellow line light, especially when the light is relatively diffuse, the other driver's vision is very bad. , it is easy to cause accidents when meeting cars. So under normal circumstances, do not turn on the fog lights.

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