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Car headlights fogging up?

Car headlights fogging up? 1

Headlights are most important when driving at night. Now that summer is approaching, it is easy for headlights to produce water mist when the temperature is high. Moreover, the fog in the headlights will seriously affect the normal light transmittance, making it difficult to see the road surface, which can easily affect our driving. What should we do in this situation? How to prevent headlights from fogging?

What should I do if my car headlights fog up? How to prevent car headlight fogging? As we all know, car headlights play an important role in driving at night. In humid or rainy weather, it is easy for the headlights to produce water mist inside, which will have a great impact Car driving is safe, so how to prevent car headlight fog and what to do if car headlights fog up? Lets learn this kind of car maintenance knowledge together. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Fogging inside the headlights is most likely caused by the seals being aged or damaged during disassembly. At this time, we need to disassemble the headlight, dry it and check whether there is any damage. If necessary, we even need to replace the headlight assembly. Another reason is that there is a problem with the dryer cotton at the vent. If you find that the dryer cotton at the vent is not tightly sealed, you can use sealant to deal with it.

Car headlights fogging up? 2

If you find that the car lights have fogged up, and if the car owners dont understand and dont know how to remove the lights, then youd better not do it. If the entire headlight is damaged, it will cost a lot. At least a set of headlights will cost a lot. It costs several thousand, so it's not worth it. If you can't deal with it, you can go to a 4S store. They usually specialize in fog removal. Although it costs a little money, it at least ensures your driving safety.

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