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Car light language can save lives if used correctly

There are six common ways to use car lights (car light language), which people who often drive must know. Remember to pay attention and share your car usage knowledge every day.

Car light language can save lives if used correctly 1

First, if your headlights flash, it means that others think you are driving too slowly and want to overtake you.

Second, if the headlights flash twice, it means that the driver on the other side thinks you have dazzled his eyes, and is reminding you to use your lights in a civilized manner.

Third, if the headlights flash three times, it means that someone has discovered something wrong with your car and reminds you to pull over and check the condition of the car.

The fourth is the light language response. When you see the car in front turning on its turn signal and asking to merge, your headlights should flash once to indicate consent and twice to indicate refusal.

Fifth, I saw the intermittently bright brake lights on the car in front. He is telling you that you are following the car too close, so let's stay away from him.

Sixth, if you see the vehicle in front of you turning on its double flashers, it usually means that the vehicle in front of you has a problem, and it is reminding you to pay attention.

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