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Car lights can "speak", do you understand?

Car lights can speak, do you understand? 1

1. The headlights flash once to remind you to overtake.

When you want to overtake or the car in front does not move after the green light turns on, you can flash your headlights appropriately to remind the car in front.

2. The headlights flash twice to indicate switching lights.

If you encounter an oncoming vehicle with strong lights flashing at night, you can flash your headlights twice at a distance before meeting the car to remind the other party to switch lights.

Car lights can speak, do you understand? 2

3. The headlights flash three times to remind you that there is a problem with the car.

If you find something wrong with the car next to you, such as the trunk of the car next to you is not closed properly or the tire pressure is obviously low, you can flash your headlights three times to inform the car owner next to you.

4. Turn on double flashes to warn vehicles behind.

The double flashing warning lights can effectively warn the following vehicles, allowing the following vehicles to detect unexpected situations in a shorter time.

5. The brake light lights up intermittently to remind you to keep your distance.

If the car behind you is following too closely, especially if you encounter this situation on the highway, you need to turn on the brake lights intermittently in time to remind the car behind you to keep your distance.

6. The headlights flash once/continuously to respond to the merging request of the vehicle in front.

When encountering a merging or alternating traffic section, after the car in front turns on the turn signal to indicate the need to merge, we can flash the headlights to express agreement. If it is inconvenient, we can flash the headlights continuously to express refusal.

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