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Car lights can "speak". How much do you know about these code words?

At present, with the development of society, cars are becoming more and more common, and almost every household has a car. Driving in bustling traffic and encountering traffic jams, forced traffic jams, etc. will inevitably make people feel irritable. Therefore, when driving on the road, you must not only obey traffic laws, but also drive in a civilized manner. It is obviously not possible to use voice to communicate with neighboring cars in a noisy environment. However, your car lights can "speak" for you. If you don't understand the code words of your car lights, then come and learn about them with me.

First: flash the headlights

The meaning of the light language is: Dear, the green light is on, you can go.

When waiting for a red light, the car in front does not pay attention to the change of the traffic light. At this time, you can flash the headlights to remind the car in front to start. Is this approach more civilized and gentle than honking?

Second: Flash the high beam twice

The meaning of the light language is: I can't see, please switch to low beam.

When driving at night, there is nothing wrong with turning on the high-beam headlights for better visibility. However, when meeting another car, the high-beam headlights will cause a blind spot in the oncoming driver's field of vision, which is very dangerous. In this case, you can flash the high beam twice to remind the other party to switch to low beam.

Third: The headlights flash three times in succession

The meaning of the light language is: Hi, brother/sister in front, your car is in trouble.

While driving, if we find that the door of the car in front is not closed, the fuel tank cap is not covered, the tire is flat, etc., we can flash the headlights of the car in front three times to remind it to stop and check. A well-intentioned reminder is a simple effort for you, but it has a different meaning for the person involved. It not only avoids losses, but also feels the warmth of humanity.

Fourth: Turn on the brake lights periodically

The meaning of the lantern language is: Don’t get too close to me, be careful of rear-end collisions!

When driving on the road, if you encounter a vehicle behind you that is close to you, in order to avoid a traffic accident caused by sudden braking, the driver can lightly apply the brakes to prompt the vehicle behind you to keep a safe distance. Driving distance is ensured and safety is guaranteed.

Fifth: Turn on the turn signal

The meaning of the lantern language is: Hello, I want to change my path, is that okay?

While driving, it is inevitable that we will encounter a situation where we need to change lanes. At this time, we can turn on the turn signal and request the vehicle in the lane next to us to change lanes.

If the other party flashes their headlights and slows down significantly, they agree to change lanes.

If the other vehicle flashes its headlights continuously, it indicates rejection.

Sixth: Three times of high beam plus double flash

Lantern language means: Help! I have an emergency!

If you see a vehicle on the road with its high beam flashing three times and double flashing, it means that the vehicle is in an emergency and is asking for help. Please keep a safe distance and provide help while ensuring your own safety.

Whether you are an experienced driver or a novice, using lights to communicate with neighboring cars while driving is more civilized than using a loudspeaker. Understanding the language of lights can ensure the accurate transmission of information between vehicles, making driving safer for yourself and others. Civilized driving makes life better.

Okay, I’m Ati, thank you for reading, please comment, like, leave a message and follow me.

Car lights can speak. How much do you know about these code words? 1

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