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Car lights not bright enough? How to reasonably modify car lights?

When driving at night, the performance of the headlights determines the driver's visibility. If the car headlights are not bright enough and the road is not illuminated clearly at night, the driver's eyes will be very tired, which brings huge safety risks to night driving. Especially after many years of use, the headlights will deteriorate severely, and the lampshades will become aged and dirty, which will make the headlight lighting effect even worse.

Car lights not bright enough? How to reasonably modify car lights? 1

Many car owners wanted to upgrade their headlights in order to improve the situation, but they heard that privately modified lights failed to pass the annual inspection, and finally gave up the idea of ​​upgrading the lights.

How to reasonably modify car lights? Note the following points:

What are the lighting requirements for annual inspections?

1. The color temperature cannot exceed 6000k. The machine at the annual inspection inspection site can only detect lights with a color temperature below 6000k. If it exceeds this value, it cannot be detected. If it cannot be detected, it is of course unreasonable. Cars that like high color temperature should pay attention to this number.

2. The lights diverge. The Road Traffic Safety Law requires that vehicles must not affect other road traffic participants when driving. Some car owners like to modify single-LED light bulbs. Since there is no lens constraint, the lights diverge, seriously affecting pedestrians. Therefore, when refitting, it is necessary to change the integrated headlights.

3. The brightness is too low. The requirement for low beam during testing shall not be less than 1,200 lumens.

Common reasons for unqualified vehicle inspection lights

1. Headlight failure

It is best for car owners to check the lighting condition of the vehicle by themselves before the annual inspection to prevent the lights from being faulty and failing to light up properly during the vehicle inspection.

2. Aging of lamps and lanterns of older vehicles

After the lamp surface of the car headlights ages, there will be a yellowing phenomenon, resulting in a decrease in light transmittance. The bulbs are obviously bright, but the light cannot be seen. In this case, it is recommended to replace the lampshade in time.

3. Improper lighting

The main phenomena are left and right illumination or up and down illumination. The main reason for this is irregular installation. If it is an adjustable headlight, just go to a repair shop to adjust it.

4. Car light modification

According to my country's "Road Traffic Safety Law": No unit or individual may assemble a motor vehicle or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of a motor vehicle without authorization. Without the permission of the public security and traffic management department, modify the chassis, engine, suspension, transmission system, steering system, tires, wheels, lights, body color spraying and appearance structure of the motor vehicle without authorization.

At present, there is no clear statement in the regulations that car lights cannot be upgraded, but there are corresponding requirements for lights. In order to successfully pass the annual inspection, we must choose products that meet the requirements when upgrading.

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Car lights not bright enough? How to reasonably modify car lights? 2

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