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Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge

Nowadays, cars have become a consumer product that is basically available in every household. Car owners who often use them in Chengdu urban areas have relatively low demand for car light modifications. However, Lixi Auto Lighting found that upgrading headlights has become particularly important for car owners in suburban areas. Car lights have developed very rapidly in the past few years, and the number of cars modified with various xenon lights, LED headlights, and laser headlights has also increased explosively across the country. Behind the hot market, today I will talk about some things you need to pay attention to before modifying your car lights to avoid detours.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 1

Chengdu Lixi car light modification knowledge

First of all, we need to know what modified car lights can bring? Increase the brightness of the light to see the road more clearly at night. After the upgrade, the lights are basically white or warm white, which is equivalent to the color of daylight, which looks better, comfortable and less fatigue-prone; the illumination distance is increased to obtain a wider and farther sight line, and the emergency response time is improved; the service life of the modified The car lights decay more slowly, and you can enjoy long-lasting good car lights; there are also cooler and more personalized modifications, various decorative daytime running lights, angel devil eyes, etc.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 2

Angel eye LED headlights Chengdu Lixi modification

But there are many things to pay attention to when upgrading car lights: The first one is about directly replacing xenon lamps, LED bulbs or modifying lenses. This kind of Lixi car lights reminds car owners that if the original car is a model without a lens, it is best not to replace the light bulb directly; because the light will be very scattered, affecting the driver on the opposite side to see the road clearly, so they need to install the corresponding pair of lights. light lens. Models with original halogen lamp lenses can be directly replaced with xenon bulbs or LED lamps. The light is better than that without a lens and will not be too scattered, but the design of the halogen lamp lens is based on the focus of the halogen lamp, so after replacing the bulb, it is easy to produce black shadow spots on the ground, and the brightness increase is not very big. This belongs to normal phenomenon.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 3

Chengdu Lixi car light replacement LED bulb and lens effect

The second choice is the color temperature. Lixi Car Lights recommends that the light color temperature be between 4300K-6000K. This color segment can provide good lighting and perform well in rainy and foggy weather. For modified products, try to choose the quality of big brands, which will be more stable. After all, car lights are directly related to safety. It should be noted that modifying the car light lens is different from directly replacing the light bulb. Modifying the lens is a technical job that requires a professional shop, which requires relatively high modification technology and equipment, as well as follow-up after-sales service.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 4

Chengdu Lixi Gai Lighting Store Color Temperature Selection

The third wiring problem is that it is generally easier to replace the light bulb directly without changing any wiring. Simply replace the original car light bulb. Many cars can be done by yourself. But for modified lenses, it involves the disassembly and assembly of headlights and a lot of circuit knowledge. Some models also need to be decoded, otherwise there will be malfunction lights after modification. When choosing, try to choose a regular store with a good reputation that specializes in upgrading car lights. Avoid wiring problems and water fogging after upgrading the headlights. In terms of modified power, be sure not to modify the headlights to exceed the power of the original car, otherwise overload work will easily cause premature aging of the circuit and battery.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 5

Chengdu Lixi car light modification low beam LED lens effect

For car lights, the most practical and effective upgrade is to modify the original car with a xenon lamp, LED or laser bifocal lens. Direct replacement of the bulb will not be very obvious for any halogen lamp model. Lixi Car Lights also reminds all car owners to try not to choose spotlights and decorative auxiliary lights when upgrading their cars. Normally modified lenses can pass the annual inspection, but spotlights and decorative daytime running lights generally cannot pass the appearance inspection. Please understand clearly before upgrading.

Chengdu car light modification shop shares headlight upgrade knowledge 6

LED lens high beam effect force Xigai lamp store

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