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Correct way to turn on fog lights

Correct way to turn on fog lights 1

[Breeze] Visibility is low on rainy days. Should I turn on fog lights or double flashers? The red light of fog lights is more penetrating and more obvious in rain and fog. So why do many novices only turn on double flashes and not fog lights when encountering heavy rain or fog? In fact, it is troublesome to turn on the fog lights, and many people don't know how to turn them on. To turn on the fog lights, you must first turn on the headlights and then turn the fog light button to turn them on. So after turning on the fog lights, can you still turn on the double flash? There are clear regulations. [Give yourself a flower] When the visibility is less than 100m on the highway, in addition to turning on the fog lights, you must also turn on the double flashers. On urban roads, there is no clear regulation. It is recommended that everyone depends on the situation. On heavy rainy days, turn them on first. The visibility of the fog lights is particularly low. I am considering turning on the double flash. Finally, follow me and I will take you to learn more about car use.

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