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Detailed description of 23 CS75 headlight upgrade plans #长安cs75

Sharing detailed tutorial on upgrading Changan CS15 car lights.

The original Changan CS75 car is also equipped with LED headlights, but the brightness is not enough. How to upgrade? Before upgrading, first check the brightness of the original car lights, and then compare it with the product to be upgraded. The upgrade effect is very obvious. Construction began.

·First, disassemble the original car headlight assembly and clean it.

·After cleaning, apply a protective film.

This headlight can be upgraded in a no-shade manner, requiring only minor surgery on the rear cover.

Detailed description of 23 CS75 headlight upgrade plans #长安cs75 1

·Use a utility knife to cut the back cover and take out the lens.

·Use a special bracket, apply the screw glue on the bracket, then install it in the lamp and clamp it firmly.

·Clean the lens with a lint-free cloth and then secure it to the holder.

·Connect the circuits by welding, put the wires on the thermoplastic tube, then heat and fix it with a hair dryer, then wrap it with two layers of tape, and tie the excess wire harness tightly with a tie. Then perform lighting debugging to ensure the level is consistent and test that all functions are normal.

Detailed description of 23 CS75 headlight upgrade plans #长安cs75 2

·Then carefully weld the cutouts with computer iron to secure them firmly.

·After the upgrade is completed, it can be installed directly on the car and plugged into the original car plug. There is no need to change the original car wiring.

Let’s take a look at the overall effect after the upgrade and the actual car brightness effect in the garage. If you like it, please click follow so you can find me in the future.

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