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Detailed explanation of car lights usage skills

Detailed explanation of car lights usage skills 1

Many novice drivers are confused about how to use car lights, so I specially summarized some methods of using car lights.

All the lights on the car are powered by batteries, and the electricity in the batteries is converted from gasoline. Ineffective use of car lights wastes gasoline, damages bulbs, and damages lamp housings. The light bulb is a wearing part and should be replaced with spare parts at any time.

Detailed explanation of car lights usage skills 2

Night traffic lights, commonly known as "small lights", are used to display the width and length of the vehicle body at night to remind other vehicles and pedestrians to see you. When you can't see clearly behind you from the rearview mirror, you should turn on the small lights, including on rainy days.

The turn signal should be turned on about 100 meters before the turn. Driving too late will cause following vehicles, oncoming vehicles, and passing pedestrians to be unprepared and make mistakes while busy. When waiting in line at a traffic light intersection to turn, as long as you are not first in line, there is no need to flash for a long time. Wait until the car can turn and move before flashing again. Otherwise, it will cost electricity and lights, and the driver behind you will be upset.

Night driving lights, commonly known as "headlights", have two forms: high beam and low beam. Use low beam on roads with street lights in urban areas, and high beam when driving on roads without street lights or highways. When passing through an intersection or overtaking, the high and low beams alternately change to provide prompts.

Brake lights Brake tail lights are used to notify the vehicle behind you to slow down or stop. If there is a fault, it can easily cause a rear-end collision. The power of the double tail light bulbs of the brake lights is many times greater than that of ordinary small light bulbs, which will generate high temperatures. If the foot brake is pressed for a long time, the brake tail lights will stay on for a long time, affecting the service life and wasting electricity.

Fog lights can help drivers improve visibility in foggy days, notify oncoming vehicles, avoid each other, and meet vehicles safely. Therefore, when driving in foggy weather, fog lights must be turned on and must not be replaced by small lights. The power of fog lights is usually 55W/light, which is similar to headlights, but the heat dissipation space is far less than that of headlights. Therefore, be sure to turn it off immediately after parking to prevent overheating and damaging the lampshade.

There are many lights in cars. How to use these lights is very important. Drivers should understand it. At the same time, car maintenance is also a key point. If there is no regular maintenance, the car lights will be damaged and cannot be used.

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