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Do you know the three categories and four major details of modified car lights? -Shenzhen way-to-car

Modification of car lights has always been a popular topic in the modification industry. Modifying car lights is nothing more than three things: 1. See the dark road clearly, improve the safety of driving at night, and reduce the difficulty of driving at night; 2. Increase the life of the car lights and reduce the occurrence of car light failures; 3. Let love The car is cooler, more individual, and different. I think most modified car enthusiasts attach special importance to the first and second points. Matters related to safety are a long way to go for the modification industry.

Do you know the three categories and four major details of modified car lights? -Shenzhen way-to-car 1

Car light modifications are divided into three levels:

1. Primary modification: modification of white light halogen bulbs and high-power halogen bulbs, modification effect: not obvious

2. Intermediate modification: Xenon-filled light bulb modification, modification effect: average

3. Top modification: HID xenon lamp modification, modification effect: excellent

Do you know the three categories and four major details of modified car lights? -Shenzhen way-to-car 2

When changing car lights, you should keep in mind four major details:

1. Choose lights carefully or choose a professional modification shop

At present, there are many types of modification parts for car headlights, with huge price differences and a mixed bag. Especially car headlights are directly related to the safety of driving at night, so you must choose with special care. The more common halogen bulbs are available in pairs ranging from dozens to hundreds. Bad off-brand bulbs not only have low brightness and limited lifespan, but may also burn out the circuit. If you modify it yourself, it is recommended that you try to choose the brand car lights that are supplied by the original factory. It is best not to modify it yourself, but to choose a professional modification shop to have people with professional skills perform modifications.

Do you know the three categories and four major details of modified car lights? -Shenzhen way-to-car 3

2. Remember the regulations

If the front face of a car is compared to the "face", the headlights are the "eyes", and the lights are the "eyes" of the car. Article 97 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that the wattage of headlights cannot exceed 60W. Therefore, car owners must comply with these regulations when upgrading light bulbs.

3. Direct replacement of light bulbs is not effective

Xenon headlights are mainly composed of ballast and headlight bulbs. Therefore, in terms of price, you must not choose products with low prices and no quality assurance. Regarding the modification method of xenon lamps, replacing the bulb will often affect the angle and concentration of the light. Although the modified light feels brighter, the actual effect is not good. The scattered light is not only detrimental to the lighting of the vehicle, but also harmful to other vehicles on the road. There are also certain safety risks for pedestrians and pedestrians, so replacement is not recommended.

4. Color temperature is not higher, the better

Regarding the brightness of xenon headlights, many consumers like white or even bluish lights. However, natural sunlight is generally not higher than 6000K. An excessively high color temperature not only looks more dazzling, but also significantly weakens the penetration in rainy and snowy weather, which is not conducive to driving safety. Therefore, choosing xenon headlights with appropriate color temperature is also something you need to pay attention to when modifying.

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