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Do you know this knowledge about car light modification?

Question: Are xenon lamps better than halogen lamps?

Answer: Xenon lamps are better than halogen lamps. Xenon lamps have stronger penetrating power and longer life than halogen lamps. The brightness of the modified xenon lamp headlights is 200%-300% higher than that of the original car lights.

Q: Can my car lights pass the annual inspection after modification?

Answer: As long as the illumination angle of your car's lights and the luminosity meet the standards, it will be fine. If you just change the xenon lights, you may have some problems passing the annual inspection according to the senior inspection policy. However, if you change the lens, you can usually pass it. And even if you don’t change the lights, if your original car lights are too An also couldn't pass the annual inspection. However, the new annual inspection policy will be implemented after September 1st. If you take your seats, you don’t have to worry about annual inspections anymore!

Q: My car has no warranty. Will changing the lights affect the warranty?

Answer: If the headlights are modified without passing the warranty, the warranty of the headlights will be affected. However, as long as you do not move other parts, 4S will still give you other warranty coverage!

Question: Is it necessary to install a lens to install a xenon lamp? What's the use of having a lens installed?

Answer: It is recommended to add a lens to the xenon lamp. If the lens is not installed, the xenon lamp will astigmatize, and the lens has the function of condensing light. Adding a lens will prevent the xenon lamp from astigmatism. Moreover, after adding a lens, the low beam will change. The headlights are wider and the range of the high beam will be longer. The brightness of the modified lens + xenon lamp headlights is 300%-400% higher than that of the original car lights. The main reason is that the xenon lamps are too astigmatic and will seriously affect the driving of the opposite car at night, and you will not be able to see clearly. Therefore, it is recommended to add a lens when changing to xenon lamps.

Question: What is a bifocal lens?

Answer: Many car enthusiasts think that bifocal lenses are two lenses. In fact, they are not. Bifocal lenses are just one, but the high and low beams are integrated. One lens can switch between low and high beams, in addition to the two high beams of your car. , after adding a bifocal lens, your car will have two low beams and four high beams, so that the driving lights at night will be brighter.

Q: Can I just change the light bulb? What is a suit and what should I pay attention to?

Answer: Bulb, ballast and matching wire set. There is no need to explain the light bulb, its color temperature and brightness all depend on it. The stabilizer is a device that provides an instantaneous high voltage of 23,000V when driving a light bulb. It also has the function of protecting the circuit from overload and controlling the driving current. At present, the quality of many domestic copycat or small factory products is uneven, and problems often occur in the ballast. Moreover, the wiring of xenon lamp products whose quality cannot be guaranteed can also cause safety hazards in vehicles. Wrong installation or use of inferior products can cause safety hazards. Vehicle spontaneous combustion accident. Therefore, in addition to the lighting effect during modification, the quality and installation of the entire set of xenon headlights are very important.


Friends who also use xenon headlights for high beams need to pay extra attention. That is, when the xenon lights are not working (when the lights are not on during the day), do not use high beams in rapid succession (many people are overtaking or prompting). This is the habit of paying attention to other vehicles and pedestrians). This not only fails to bring out the brightness that xenon lamps should have, but it also takes at least a few seconds for the stabilizer of the xenon lamp to enter normal working condition. If this operation is done for a long time, the xenon headlights will be damaged. The stabilizer inside will be reimbursed in advance.

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