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Don’t be afraid if your car lights fog up, look here

Recently, many places have issued blue cooling warnings. As the weather gets colder, do you often encounter fogging in your car lights? Here we will introduce why your car lights fog up and how to solve them.

Don’t be afraid if your car lights fog up, look here 1

Causes of fogging

The headlight structure each has an air intake hole and an exhaust hole. When the headlight is turned on, air flows through the inside and outside of the lamp to balance the temperature inside the lamp.

When the outside air is cold and humid (especially in winter), it enters the car lights through heat exchange. After the car lights are turned off, the temperature drops and the humid air condenses into water mist, which is attached to the car lights.

Don’t be afraid if your car lights fog up, look here 2

Determine whether it is fog or water

Turn on the headlights and high beams, and see if the water mist in the headlights begins to disappear after 30 minutes, and whether it can completely disappear after one hour.

If it disappears, it means condensation. Otherwise, water has entered the headlights and should be repaired as soon as possible.


1. It affects the light transmittance of the headlights, and the lighting effect is dim. In severe cases, it is difficult to see the road clearly.

2. Since there are electrical connection points inside the headlight, if water or moisture enters it, it is likely to short-circuit, thereby damaging the headlight and its internal circuit.

How to deal with fog?

Turn on the headlights for a while, and after the temperature inside the lampshade rises, the water vapor will be discharged!

But be sure not to bake the headlights, as this can easily burn them out.

Water in the headlight

1. If water enters the headlight, it will not look like white mist from the outside, but larger water droplets will appear on the headlight shade.

2. Water in the headlights usually occurs when the vehicle is wading in water or after a heavy rain. If the car is washed too violently, it is easy for water to enter the lamp cavity.

Don’t be afraid if your car lights fog up, look here 3

Water in the headlights is a very common problem when we use cars, especially in the south and in rainy seasons. We must pay attention to it, because the headlights are related to our sight when driving and directly determine our life safety when driving.

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