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Fengtai headlights: Several common types and characteristics of headlight modifications

Car headlights on the market are mainly divided into three types: halogen lamps, xenon lamps and LED headlights. What are the differences between these three types? Let’s talk about it below: Generally speaking, the original car halogen bulb is equipped when the car leaves the factory. This bulb is usually 55W. Generally speaking, the brightness of this light bulb is sufficient for walking in urban areas, but some riders may feel that the brightness is not enough when the requirements are higher, or when driving on the highway.

The principle of the halogen lamp is to inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire reacts chemically with the halogen. The cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire to form a balanced cycle and avoid the tungsten wire. Premature breakage. Halogen bulbs therefore last longer than incandescent bulbs.

The power supply voltage of halogen lamps is usually divided into two types: AC 220V and DC 12V and 24V.

Halogen lamps are an improvement over incandescent lamps. They maintain the advantages of incandescent lamps: simplicity, low cost, easy brightness adjustment and control, and good color rendering (Ra=100). At the same time, halogen lamps overcome many shortcomings of incandescent lamps: such as short service life and low luminous efficiency (generally only 6% to 10% can be converted into light energy, and the rest is lost in the form of heat energy).

Xenon headlights are currently the most common form of headlights used in mid-to-high-end cars. Because xenon lights are relatively bright, they are generally equipped with lenses, and the light they emit is very focused. Therefore, they are very popular among everyone, and their colors are also relatively bright. Unlike ordinary halogen lamps, the light is white.

Fengtai headlights: Several common types and characteristics of headlight modifications 1

Xenon lamps use high-voltage current to stimulate light emission, so they have a longer lifespan and better energy saving effect than halogen lamps. And the brightness is greatly improved by 300% compared to halogen lamps. However, due to the higher technology, the production cost is much more expensive than halogen lamps. But its brightness still makes many people like it.

Before LED headlights came out, people used xenon lamps as a last resort. The temperature of xenon lamps is very high, 300-400 degrees. It often happens that the lamp holder is baked and the lampshade is baked yellow, and it is very serious. Consumes electricity. Everyone should know that the xenon lamp uses a ballast to increase the original car's 12V voltage to 23,000V and then stimulates the arc to emit light. Think about it and you will know how much energy is required to increase the 12V to 23,000V. Therefore, especially when the xenon lamp is started, the pressure on the battery is Very very big. This is also the reason why the xenon lamp has a delay and cannot be fully illuminated as soon as the power is turned on. Because increasing the voltage requires a process, it can only be fully illuminated slowly after the power is turned on.

Nowadays, many car owners have modified their car lights into xenon lights. This is the reason why many high-beam dogs are formed. I hope everyone uses lights reasonably for the safety of you and others.

The temperature of LED headlights is very low, only 50-70 degrees, and they start instantly and light up as soon as the power is turned on. Nowadays, people are changing their lights to use LED headlights. Brightness and power saving are the most significant features of LED headlights. Just like energy-saving lamps replacing incandescent light bulbs, it is a trend. Take the "Nine Plus One Automobile LED Large Bulb E2" that car friends often bring to me during this period and ask me to help install it. The function is only 33W, which saves a lot of power than the original car's halogen bulb, but the brightness is the same as the original car's halogen bulb. At least 4 times more than halogen bulbs! The light of LED headlights is softer and not as dazzling as xenon lights. Moreover, the road paving is even and less likely to cause visual fatigue. This is probably why people are now switching to LED lights.

Energy saving, environmental protection, durability, small size and instant lighting are all the characteristics that make it a good choice for car headlights. But currently, due to structural and cost constraints, it can only be applied to some high-end cars.

There is also a laser headlight with a higher B rating. Laser headlights are now used on the new Audi A8.

Laser headlights have most of the advantages of LED headlights, such as fast response, low brightness attenuation, small size, low energy consumption, long life, etc. Compared with LED headlights, laser headlights have advantages, especially in terms of size. The length of a single laser diode component can already be 10 microns, which is only 1/100 of the size of conventional LED components. This means that as long as designers are willing, traditional The size of car headlights can be significantly reduced, which may bring revolutionary changes to the design proportions of various elements on the front face of the car.

Another significant advantage of laser headlights is in terms of luminous efficiency. For example, the luminous efficiency of general LED lighting can reach about 100 lumens per watt, then laser diode components can reach about 170 lumens per watt. This means that when the same lighting requirements are met, Under certain conditions, the energy consumption of laser headlights is less than 60% of LED headlights, which further reduces energy consumption and is more in line with the energy saving and environmental protection trend of future automobiles.

Like LEDs, laser diodes can only emit monochromatic lasers, which need to be synthesized from multiple monochromatic laser sources, or the lasers must pass through transparent media such as quartz, resulting in spectrum broadening to form white light radiation. BMW uses a commonly used method for white LEDs - blue monochromatic light + fluorescent filter to create white light.

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Fengtai headlights: Several common types and characteristics of headlight modifications 2

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