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Fengtai teaches you how to modify car lights economically

Generally speaking, headlight modifications are divided into two parts. The first is to improve the lighting effect of the headlights and upgrade the bifocal lens. This is the purpose of most car owners' upgrades. The second is to beautify the lights and install angel eyes and devil eyes. The price of car light modification varies. How can we modify it to be economical and achieve the best lighting effect? Fengtai will tell you below.

There are currently four methods for upgrading headlights:

1. Replacing ultra-white light bulbs, replacing high-power bulbs, and adding reinforced wire sets are economical but not affordable. The effect is not obvious. If you buy a product of inferior quality, the risk is very high, ranging from mild to severe. If the fuse is burned, the wiring may be burned out, the headlights may be damaged, and a wiring accident may occur.

2. Installing xenon headlights is economical and practical. However, there are dozens of brands of xenon lights on the market now. Some are a few hundred cheap, while good ones cost more than 1,000-2,000. No one can say for sure about the quality, and the workmanship is not up to standard. It largely determines the focusing effect after installation. Because the focus of xenon lamps is different from that of halogen lamps, xenon headlights will be very astigmatic and dazzling after installation, seriously affecting other people's driving, and they cannot achieve the effect of xenon changing high and low beams. .

3. Installing a bifocal lens is slightly more expensive than a xenon lamp. There are mainly domestic parts and imported parts, and the disparity is large. If you really understand it, you will find that it is expensive and worth the money. First, it solves the problems of low beam glare, insufficient illumination width, and not bright enough. Second, it maximizes the role of headlights and upgrades In the future, the original 2 high beams will be changed to 4 high beams, and the brightness will be increased by more than 260%, achieving the dual-use purpose of a xenon lamp. This is the best effect of upgrading the headlights in one step, without wasting money!

4. Directly upgrade the headlight assembly. There are many types of headlight assemblies currently on the market. One thing they have in common is that they look very beautiful. Many headlights use the light pattern of imitation Q5 lenses. Of course, there are also other lenses. But this is rare. The other is to directly upgrade the original factory top-of-the-line headlights. Most of these car enthusiasts already know this, so I won’t explain it in detail.

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Fengtai teaches you how to modify car lights economically 1

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