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Five commonly used methods for car enthusiasts to modify their headlights

In 1887, a driver got lost in the dark wilderness, and a farmer used a portable light to guide him home. To today's automobile lens light sets and xenon headlights, automobile lighting technology has almost been advancing in parallel with the automobile industry. . However, due to the cost control of mass-produced vehicles, the lighting effects of many vehicles when they leave the factory are not always satisfactory to car owners, so the lighting modification industry came into being.

When it comes to car light modification, there are actually nothing more than the following methods:

1. Increase the power of original car light bulbs

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Generally, the wattage of our common car headlights is around 55W, which can basically meet most of the night lighting needs. However, some car owners feel that the car lights are not bright enough, so they privately change the bulbs to 60W, 100W, or even higher ones. Although the brightness of the car lights is greatly improved, the hidden dangers are also greatly increased. As the wattage increases, the current and heat increase exponentially, which leads to the aging of lamps and accelerated melting of lamp holders. It also places an excessive burden on generators, fuses, and batteries. Many spontaneous combustion vehicles are caused by random modifications. Therefore, the upgrade of car lights should be based on the premise that the wattage of the original car lights is not increased. Basically, it is not recommended that you use this method to brighten your car lights. If you insist on increasing the wattage of the bulb, I suggest you control the power within 10%.

2. Replace imported light bulbs

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I often hear some car light manufacturers claim that their bulbs can increase the brightness by more than 50% while consuming the same power, and all this requires only replacing one bulb. If you see similar advertisements, don’t believe them all, because I am one of the victims. After replacing imported light bulbs, the brightness will indeed be slightly improved than before, and the colors of the lights can also be chosen in a variety of ways. If you have good eyesight at night and are not prepared to spend a lot of money on car lights, then you should It is a good choice. The most important thing is that such modification will definitely not cause unnecessary trouble during annual inspection. Therefore, we recommend it for beginner audiophiles to refer to.

3. Install a car light booster

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When you ask a modification shop to spend less money to change the lights, the merchant will often recommend a thing called a car light brightener. Whether it works or not, you will understand after listening to the following story. A good friend had just changed his car lights to a brighter one, and wanted to prove to me that he had gotten a big advantage by spending a small amount of money, so we met in the middle of the night to compare lights. As a result, we parked our cars side by side in the parking lot of the community at night. I parked the Jetta without any lighting modifications and his Sail with a brightener installed together, and turned on the high beam at the same time. My friend turned around and left without saying a word, and never mentioned the brightener again. He gritted his teeth and said, "If you don't change the xenon headlights next time, brother, I will never see you again!" Later I heard that he went to the auto parts store and spent 50 yuan to replace the original lights. This personal experience tells me not to be superstitious about so-called advanced devices. Brighteners may have some brightening effects, but they are never as "magical" as the merchants boast!

4. Replacement of lens lighting system

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It is very popular nowadays to modify a lens lighting assembly called "angel eye". It is modeled after the lighting system of BMW cars. On the basis of conventional lens lighting, a circle of LED luminous lights is added. From a distance, there are four circles inside the car lights. In fact, convex lens headlight assemblies have long been popular. This kind of lighting system has better effects than traditional reflected light lighting. The light is concentrated, the bulb is more penetrating after being reflected by the lens, and the light and dark cutoff lines are neat and clear, so vehicles traveling in the opposite direction will not have a strong glare. However, the disadvantage is that the cost of modification is relatively high, with cheaper ones costing two to three thousand yuan, which is not suitable for all car owners. Moreover, the production quality of current manufacturers is also uneven, and a poor-quality lens assembly may not be able to provide strong light. As a result, it will also bring hidden dangers to safety.

5. Modify xenon headlights

Five commonly used methods for car enthusiasts to modify their headlights 1

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Xenon lamps are actually just a general term, because the HIDs on the market ranging from domestic ones priced at 1,500 yuan to imported HIDs priced at tens of thousands of yuan are all called xenon lamps, so we must be more cautious when purchasing.

Xenon lamps are technically called HID gas discharge headlights. They use high-pressure xenon gas wrapped in a quartz tube to replace the traditional tungsten filament. It does not use tungsten wire, so there is no worry of being oxidized and burned out, and it is very durable. It has high brightness, 2 to 3 times the brightness of ordinary car lights.

Five commonly used methods for car enthusiasts to modify their headlights 2

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