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Fog lights are a double-edged sword

Fog lights are a double-edged sword 1

my country's traffic law clearly stipulates that fog lights must be turned on in rainy and foggy weather when visibility is less than 200m.

Car fog lamps use halogen light sources, which have low color temperature and strong penetrating power. Unlike headlights, the projection has a clear range and angle. The light source of fog lamps has no clear directionality, and the divergent light can be seen from any angle. Pretty much the same.

Fog lights, front and rear.

According to the national standard GB4785: vehicles must be equipped with rear fog lights, but it is not mandatory to install front fog lights.


Fog lights are like a double-edged sword, they have a good side, but if used incorrectly, they also have a bad side.

Fog lights can ensure good penetration in rainy and foggy weather, but if they are turned on during daily driving, they will cause visual interference to other vehicle drivers.

Therefore, many cars have canceled the front fog lights and replaced them with daytime running lights.

Although these two types of lights are similar, there are still differences. Most daytime running lights use LED light sources. Although the brightness is very high, the penetrability is not as good as that of halogen bulbs.

Therefore, in rainy and foggy weather, daytime running lights cannot completely replace front fog lights, but in non-extreme weather, daytime running lights can play a certain warning role without being dazzling or causing interference to the vehicle.

Therefore, in rainy and foggy weather or in low visibility environments, please turn on your fog lights;

In a good environment, please turn off the fog lights when driving daily. Failure to use fog lights in urban areas as required will result in a fine of 50 yuan and a deduction of 1 point.

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