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Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away?

Hello fellow guests, Brother Mao is here to inspect the car. Today I will tell you an exciting story. A few days ago, I helped a customer inspect a Vios from an individual seller. As a result, the seller hurried to the car before he could see it. He drove the car away and said he wouldn't sell it. What's going on? Brother Cat is here to have a good chat with you.

The car is a Toyota Vios that the customer found from an individual seller online. The seller described the car's condition as excellent. Since he didn't know much about cars and was worried about being cheated, he asked us to help check the car's condition. Brother Mao would like to remind you that when buying a car from an individual seller, it is best to have a professional verify the condition of the car on site and clarify any problems in person, because this type of transaction lacks contractual protection and it is difficult to clarify if a dispute occurs.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 1

Vios does not seem to be as well-known as its elder brothers Corolla and Ralink, but it has been considered a veteran in the domestic market for many years.

Without further ado, this is a white Vios that was remodeled in 2014. The car looks quite energetic, but the body is rather dirty. This is also the difference between individual sellers and car dealers. Car dealers usually keep the car clean. Sell ​​it later. When he opened the cover, Brother Cat had already discovered that something was fishy. How can I put it? The oil stain on the engine is more obvious. After a closer look, the engine fixing screws have been removed, and the cylinder block has been disassembled and repaired. Toyota engines are famous for their durability, and repairs should not be caused by their own faults, so accidents and impacts lead to repairs. The possibility is extremely high.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 2

It is very clear in the picture that all the screws on the engine have been removed, and the dust and sludge are not normal.

Now that the cover has been replaced, there are a few suspicious points:

1. Remove all the fixing screws of the machine cover;

2. The sheet metal glue on the edge of the machine cover is inconsistent with the original one;

3. The sound insulation cotton on the machine cover is too clean and inconsistent with the original one.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 3

Friends who are familiar with Vios must know that the newly redesigned Vios did not have engine compartment sound insulation cotton.

The above two questions immediately made Brother Cat energetic. What he liked most was discovering hidden problems in the vehicle. He felt like a great detective. If you think about it, Japanese cars are always insured by the insurance company. Once a collision occurs, the damage to the vehicle will be relatively large. This is what consumers often say is "thin-skinned, not crash-resistant, and unsafe." The hood has been replaced. , and the engine was lifted, indicating that this car was most likely an accident car. Brother Mao would like to say a few more words here. The safety of a car is not directly related to whether the vehicle is crashworthy. If the vehicle is extremely strong, then in the event of a collision, all the impact force will be directly transmitted to the human body. Think about such a huge impact. How much impact force can the body withstand? Once it hits a pedestrian, there is almost no buffer, and the pedestrian's chance of survival is very low. This is one of the reasons why car bumpers are made of plastic.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 4

I hope that consumers will become more rational. Safety is not simply about whether it is crashworthy. We hope that consumers will speak rationally.

With the suspicion of the accident car, I directly tested the front longitudinal beam, and the results naturally proved Brother Mao's inference. The right front longitudinal beam was obviously repaired by the sheet metal, and the water tank frame connected to it had obvious wrinkles, while the left front longitudinal beam beam head and energy absorption The box also had sheet metal restoration, so this is a typical accident car and has resulted in engine damage being repaired.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 5

The right front longitudinal beam is obviously welded and repaired, and the connected water tank frame is obviously deformed. The water tank, radiator, headlight and other accessories must have been replaced.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 6

There are also obvious signs of repair on the beam head and energy-absorbing box of the left front longitudinal beam.

When we told the buyer this result, you can imagine the buyer's expression, which looked shocked, indicating that he no longer wanted to consider this car, and the seller's expression was already nervous at this time.

With a serious and responsible attitude, Brother Mao insisted on completing the car inspection. I will skip 10,000 words here and give you the key points directly: there was an accident at the rear of the car! When we peeled off the rubber strips of the rear apron, we found that the rear apron had obvious traces of sheet metal and was already rusted. What's more serious is that the left taillight holder is also sheet metal, and the original sealant has disappeared. The gold parts have cracked, and over time, rust problems will definitely occur.

Halfway through the inspection, the seller felt guilty and ran away? 7

There are obvious traces of sheet metal repairs on the rear quarter panel, and there is also sheet metal on the left taillight holder and drainage channel. The trunk was not shown in photos due to the seller's lack of cooperation.

The climax came. When we reported this problem to the customer, the seller said in a very "gentle" tone that my car was no longer for sale. Please stop messing around. There was no accident. Why didn't I own my car? Know? Then he got in the car and drove away, leaving the customer and Brother Cat in the wind... messy. I believe you all know the specific situation. The car owner must have known that there was something wrong with his car, so he just wanted to sell it to someone who didn’t know anything about cars, so that he wouldn’t suffer too much loss. He just didn’t expect that the buyer would find a professional. During the car inspection, my little plan failed to come true, so I could only run away in despair.

Here, Brother Mao once again reminds everyone that no matter whose car you buy, you must be careful. After all, the car is a big item and there is no room for mistakes. It is best to find a professional team to help inspect the car. Okay, I’ll share this article here. If you have any questions, you can leave a message to Brother Cat. Goodbye!

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