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Headlights fogging up? Was it because of this?

Causes of fog

Headlights fogging up? Was it because of this? 1

When hot air (humid air) encounters a cold object, the hot air liquefies on the surface of the object and turns into tiny water droplets. These tiny water droplets are the fog we see.

Why do headlights fog up?

Headlights fogging up? Was it because of this? 2

As shown in the picture: the car light is not a completely sealed space, and is equipped with air intake and exhaust holes. Therefore, the car lights are filled with normal air containing moisture.

Under what circumstances will the car lights fog up?

When the hot air in the headlights encounters the cold headlight cover, it will liquefy into small water droplets and adhere to the inner wall of the headlight cover. This is the fog we see.

When will the fog dissipate?

When the headlights are turned on for a period of time, and the temperature of the lampshade becomes equal to the temperature of the hot air inside the lampshade, no new fog will be generated, and the existing fog will slowly evaporate and disappear.


Why do headlights fog up after it rains or is washed?

When it rains or the car is washed, the temperature of the car lamp cover becomes lower, and the hot air in the headlight encounters the cold lamp cover, causing fog.

Why does only one light sometimes have fog?

Due to the different temperatures of the car lampshade caused by the external environment, sunlight makes the temperature of the lampshade on one side close to the temperature of the hot air inside the lampshade, so this lamp will not produce fog; the lampshade that is not exposed to sunlight has a lower temperature, so fog will be produced. .

Headlights fogging up? Was it because of this? 3

Why is the fog always concentrated in a certain corner?

The temperature is high where the low beam of the headlight is illuminated, and the fog is easy to dissipate. However, the temperature of the parts at the edge of the headlight that are not illuminated by the light angle is still low, and the fog dissipates slowly, so there is fog in some places.

Headlights fogging up? Was it because of this? 4

Will foggy headlights affect the life of the bulbs?

The life of the bulb mainly depends on the tungsten filament of the bulb and the voltage supplied by the bulb. Fog has no effect on the life of the bulb.

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