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How About Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Is It Worth Buying

1 appearance: familiar formula, different taste

How About Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Is It Worth Buying 1

The high-profile Samsung new product launch came to an end. At this launch, Samsung unexpectedly launched the galaxy note9, the flagship mobile phone in the second half of the year. In fact, about a week before the press conference, the official leaked promotional film has exposed this product to a new height, including major changes such as appearance, new s pen, endurance and storage. However, after really experiencing the Samsung Galaxy note9 on site, you will find that the selling point of this new product is not the leakage. After all, no one expected that Samsung would emphasize the game performance on note 9 and add the design of water cooling and heat dissipation.

In fact, after the product rendering was made public, the author has basically confirmed that the appearance of Samsung Galaxy note9 is doomed to no more improvement. After all, whether international manufacturers such as Samsung, apple and Intel or large domestic manufacturers such as Huawei have well integrated the concept of "Tik tok" into the product route. From the perspective of product line, the pace of upgrading from generation to generation will be relatively stable, but it is doomed that too earth shaking changes will not occur between two adjacent generations of products. Many "smart" netizens have also developed theories such as "buy double without paying". However, the author personally believes that the most important thing for front-line large factories is stable and mature products. Jiang Wen said that "when you step big, it's easy to pull eggs". Some impetuous practices focusing on showing "black technology" and showing strength are often easier to expose their shortcomings.

Appearance: familiar formula, different tasteAfter seeing the Samsung galayx note9, users who are familiar with note8 and S9 must have no sense of strangeness, but they are still familiar with the formula. However, Samsung has made some targeted improvements in the details, which can be easily found by comparison.

First of all, the screen of Samsung Galaxy note9 has been upgraded again, from 6.3 inches of the previous generation to 6.4 inches, but there is no big difference in the body size. If you have to compare carefully, the length of note9 is slightly shorter, and the width and thickness are slightly increased (note8 has a circumference of 162.5x74.8x8.6mm and a weight of 195g; note9 has a circumference of 161.9x76.4x8.8mm and a weight of 201g) However, such a small gap will not bring any experience change in the hands of users. Even putting note9 directly in the protective sleeve of note8 will not be affected except for the change of fingerprint key position.

How About Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Is It Worth Buying 2

Like the galaxy S9 series, the Samsung Galaxy note9 also adjusts the back fingerprint identification to the lower part of the camera and puts it out separately from the camera frame. The advantage is that the difference in hand feeling makes my mother no longer have to worry about my fingers wiping the lens repeatedly.After getting rid of fingerprint identification, the back camera area becomes less cramped. The rear dual camera, flash and heart rate sensor modules are arranged in turn. The background color of this area has changed from all black of note 8 generation to consistent with the color of the fuselage, with a stronger sense of integration. Moreover, the outer edge of the dual camera is also treated with the same color, but the two cameras are one big because of the color The small design is more conspicuous than ever (the black version will be slightly better).The middle frame of the fuselage adopts the diamond cutting treatment of high gloss and matte, which looks more exquisite and makes it visually feel that the thickness of the product will be slightly thinner.

In terms of color matching, the overseas version of galaxy note9 provides four colors: black, copper, blue and purple, of which copper is undoubtedly a new color that is eye-catching and rarely seen in previous products.2 new s pen experienceNew s pen new experience

For a long time, Samsung Note Series has been famous for innovation. Since 2011, each generation of note has had a great impact on the industry, and s pen design has become the symbol of Samsung Galaxy Note Series and a powerful "killer mace" in competition with other flagship products.The Yellow s pen that didn't fire first on the Samsung Galaxy note9 is really eye-catching. It not only has bright color, but also has greatly improved its usability due to wireless operation.In terms of s pen color, the fluorescent yellow color s pen disclosed in advance is only equipped on the galaxy note9 with xuanshuang blue color. The color matching of blue and yellow is more attractive, while the s pen equipped in other color versions of mobile phones will be consistent with the body color. For excellent color, s pen has not changed only in terms of shape, size and design.

Above is the s pen of galaxy note8In terms of parameters, there is no change in the s pen. After all, the pressure sensing level and details of the previous two generations have been optimized well enough, and the main change of the s pen this time is that it can be "operated in space" Samsung has added low-power Bluetooth transmission capability and built-in capacitor to this s pen. Inserting it into Galaxy note9 can fully charge the s pen in one minute. One charge can bring 30 minutes of service time, and the service range is about 10 meters.What convenience can the remote control bring to the Samsung Galaxy note9? The first is to take photos. You can directly turn on the camera (long press), switch the front and rear cameras (double click) and take photos (click) through the s pen.

In addition to taking photos, the control of photo / ppt page turning and video playback can also be easily solved by spien. When it comes to screen projection operation, it is undoubtedly very convenient to use the stylus as a switcher.According to Samsung staff, s pen will also be open source to developers, which means that third-party applications can also get the convenience brought by s pen upgrade in the future.Of course, because the time to contact the product is still short, there are still some questions to be verified after the s pen upgrade. For example, how about the compatibility of the previous product and whether the Bluetooth operation affects other Bluetooth devices. Although we have answers in theory, we still need to use them to test them. We will also solve them for you in-depth evaluation later Read.

3. Photography: integrating AI elementsPhoto taking: the hardware of S9 is integrated with AI elementsAfter finishing s pen, it's also worth learning about the changes in photography.

First of all, in terms of hardware, the camera of Samsung Galaxy note9 is exactly the same as that of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the first half of the year. It also adopts front 8 million / f1.7 and rear 1200 dual pixel f1.5 / 2.4 12 million F2.4, with 2x optical zoom capability.However, the same hardware will be different under different software tuning. Moreover, Galaxy note9 also brings AI intelligent scene mode, defect detection function and other optimization. In actual shooting, the experience must be different from that of Galaxy S9 .Samsung Galaxy note9 has joined the current popular AI intelligent scene recognition, and has the recognition ability of 20 scenes such as people, animals and delicious food. In the experience of on-site display, AI recognition speed is still relatively excellent. The algorithm optimization brought by different scenes will certainly bring better performance to the final imaging. We have already done it in a number of domestic mobile phones The benefits of AI scene recognition are realized. Although Samsung is late in this practical function, it will never be absent.

The defect detection function is also a major improvement of Samsung Galaxy note9 in AI photography. After the photo is taken, the mobile phone can automatically detect problems such as image blur, eye closure and lens stains, and remind users to avoid the embarrassment of finding photo defects only when you throw it on the large screen at home.In addition, Samsung Galaxy note9 has also improved the performance of HDR and dynamic photos under low illumination. However, due to the limited experience time, we have not conducted more tests for this improvement. Interested netizens can also look forward to our subsequent in-depth evaluation.4 hard configuration: Xiaolong 845 water cooling is worth looking forward to a great improvement in endurance

Hard configuration: Xiaolong 845 water cooling is worth looking forward to a great improvement in enduranceFinally, let's talk about the hardware. Xiaolong 845 (Orion processor version in some overseas regions) can't run. The performance of 2.8GhZ 1.7GHz is still the top in the market. This galaxy note9 also brings a carbon water cooling system, which was not mentioned before the press conference. It can be said to be one of the biggest highlights of the press conference.Combined with water-cooled cooling, Samsung also highlighted the game performance at the press conference. It can be seen that Samsung also has ideas about the game market by associating with the excellent performance of black shark mobile phone that added water-cooled cooling in the rabbit ranking list.

In terms of product capacity, Samsung Galaxy note9 provides two options: 6 128GB and 8 512gb, and the expansion can support 512gb at most. For example, if the top version of galaxy note9 is selected, 1TB storage can be realized at most.Of course, dual card users should not be happy too early. The memory card part still needs to choose one from sim2, so you are a dual card user and really care about the mobile phone capacity. It is better to directly choose the 512gb high-capacity version as far as possible.Said a lot, but one of the biggest selling points leaked before the meeting - endurance has not been mentioned at all.

In recent years, due to well-known reasons, Samsung has been extremely cautious in the application of batteries, while Galaxy note9 announced the feature of stronger endurance performance before the press conference, and the key to supporting this feature is to increase the battery from 3300mah to 4000mAh, up 21% compared with the previous generation.According to the daily practical habits of most users, a 4000mAh battery can definitely meet one-day applications. It should be said that no matter what kind of mobile phone users, the battery life is absolutely "just needed". Therefore, after a long dormancy, the battery upgrade of Samsung Galaxy note9 is absolutely "popular".Of course, it is not a pity that there is no mention of the Samsung Galaxy note9 in terms of the charging speed corresponding to the battery life. According to the hidden rule of "no mention is no", the fast charging of higher specifications should not be carried on this mobile phone. According to the charging time of the previous generation of about 90 minutes, the charging time of the Samsung Galaxy note9 is estimated to be about 110 minutes.

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