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How About the Disassembly Workmanship and Materials of Samsung Galaxy J8

Today, I'll show you the Samsung Galaxy J8. There aren't many Samsung midrange computers in Taiwan. Just watch and cherish it!

Configuration list

First of all, look at the basic configuration of the equipment. As the saying goes, only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win a hundred battles!

SOC: equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 450 processor L 14nm LPP process

Screen: 6.0-inch Samsung super AMOLED screen with resolution of 1480x720, accounting for 81.6%

Storage: 3gb ram 32GB ROM

Front: Samsung 16mp camera

Rear: Samsung 16mp camera Samsung 5 MP camera

Battery: 3500mah lithium ion battery

Features: three segment magnesium lamp, rear fingerprint, face double identification, three cards, double standby, double account number

After the disassembly of the equipment shared with small partners in the early stage, you may have found that most of the module devices of Samsung midrange equipment belong to Samsung module factory. The galaxy J8 is no exception.

Module information

The screen adopts Samsung 6.0-inch 1480x720 resolution AMOLED screen. Model ams604rmo1.

The rear camera is a dual camera, 16 million Samsung cameras 5 million Samsung cameras respectively. Front shot 16 million Samsung model s5k3p8 camera.

The battery adopts Samsung SDI, model eb-bj805abe, 3500mah battery, and the quality is OK.

Of course, chip information is indispensable for e-disassembly. Remember to log in to ewisetech for detailed chip module device information and HD pictures.

Main IC on the front of main board (as shown in the figure below):

Pure red orange: STMicroelectronics? Lis2ds? 3? Axis accelerator

RGB magenta: qualcomm-wcn3615-802.11b/g/n Wi Fi, Bluetooth, FM

Pure purple: nxp-tfa9896-smart audio amplifier

Main IC on the back of motherboard (as shown in the figure below):

The usage information of logic, memory, PM and RF chips used on the motherboard is shown in the following table:

The use information of MEMS chips used on the motherboard is shown in the table below:

For Samsung midrange, the overall disassembly is relatively simple, and Xiaoe also talks about the details in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Disassembly procedure

First, remove the SIM card holder. J8 belongs to the front removal device. After heating the screen, suck the gap with a suction cup and pry it slowly around. During disassembly, pay attention to the connection between the screen cable and the main board in the lower left corner.

A transparent double-sided adhesive tape is pasted on the heat dissipation copper foil on the back of the screen to fix the screen and the middle frame. A black thermal insulation plastic sheet is pasted at the battery corresponding to the screen to prevent the screen from overheating. Yellow translucent insulating tape is pasted at the interface between the screen touch soft board and the screen soft board for reinforcement. A waterproof label is pasted on the lower left corner of the middle frame.

Then remove the 18 screws fixing the rear housing and the middle frame. After removal, foam damping material can be found inside the rear dual camera protection frame. Foam is also pasted on the relative position of the speaker. A graphite sheet is pasted on the front of the battery for heat dissipation.

Next, disconnect the BTB connector of the battery and fix the battery with a circle of white double-sided adhesive tape. Be careful when removing.

Then remove the two screws fixing the motherboard. A graphite sheet is pasted on the shielding cover of the main board to dissipate heat, and the corresponding middle frame position is coated with thermal conductive silicone grease. A waterproof label is also pasted on the middle frame. The headphone hole module is fixed with black double-sided tape.

Remove the device from the rear housing. The fingerprint sensor and vibrator are fixed by double-sided adhesive tape.

The rear end cover and rear cover are fixed with white glue and clips. All disassembly is completed by removing the rear end cover and rear cover.

The galaxy A8 is fixed with 20 cross screws, of which 18 are used to fix the middle frame and back cover, and 2 are used to fix the motherboard. There are two waterproof labels on the front and back of the middle frame. The heat dissipation of the screen is relatively good. The full screen heat dissipation copper foil is added with a large area of graphite sheets, and the relative position of the battery on the screen is also pasted with plastic sheets. The overall disassembly structure is relatively simple, but a large number of modules of the whole machine are fixed with adhesive.

How About the Disassembly Workmanship and Materials of Samsung Galaxy J8 1

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