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How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan?

We often walk on some rural roads at night, and there is a high probability that we will see many "one-eyed cars" on the road. That is, one of the car's headlights is broken, and only one headlight is on and the other cannot be seen.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 1

Our car headlights are sometimes just like the light bulbs at home, they suddenly go out; more often, the headlights will slowly dim until they can no longer shine. Either way, it means that the lamp has reached its end of life and cannot be used.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 2

So how long can our car lights be used and what is their lifespan? Let’s talk about different headlights.

First of all, it is the most common and original headlight in our family cars-halogen lamps. It is just like the incandescent light bulbs we used before. There is a tungsten filament in the middle. After power is applied, the metal tungsten filament heats up and emits light. Ordinary tungsten filament lamps are more likely to break. If they light up and "pop", the tungsten filament will burn out. . But the life of our car's halogen headlights is four times longer than that of ordinary incandescent bulbs.

The longer life is due to the addition of two halogen gases, iodine and bromine, to the bulb. When the tungsten wire emits light and is heated, it will sublimate into a gas. The sublimated tungsten wire will react chemically with the two halogen gases, iodine and bromine, and finally turn into a tungsten wire. In this way, the tungsten wire will not burn out easily. . Therefore, our current halogen headlights can be used for a total of 300 hours without any problem.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 3

If we have to drive at night three days a week, halogen lamps can last 3 to 5 years, but the brightness will fade and become weaker and weaker. Of course, the luminescence and heat generation of halogen lamps also have relatively high requirements on the glass of the bulb. When we turn on the headlights, the glass surface of the tungsten filament bulb can reach a high temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, ordinary glass will definitely melt. Now we use Most of them are quartz glass with a higher melting point.

Therefore, when replacing halogen headlights, you are required to wear gloves during construction, because the grease on your fingers left on the surface of the bulb glass will cause the temperature to vary and it is easy to burst.

The biggest disadvantage of halogen lamps is their weak luminous brightness, but they are cheap. But precisely because of the weak luminous brightness, many of our friends will choose another brighter light bulb to replace it - xenon lamp.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 4

The top is the "qi" of gas, and the bottom is "mountain". Think of it, some of us will pronounce it as "gas headlight", which is wrong. It sounds like a disease, which is not pleasant.

The luminous body of the xenon lamp is a quartz tube filled with xenon gas, which uses high-voltage current to activate the xenon gas to form an arc light. Many people choose xenon lamps because of their good brightness. The color temperature of xenon lamps is generally between 4000K and 6000K (Kelvin), while the color temperature of halogen lamps is 3000k. The color temperature is low and the color is yellowish. Xenon lamps have high color temperature and are more White, xenon lamps can be three times as bright as halogen lamps.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 5

In addition, xenon lamps consume less power than halogen lamps to achieve the same power. At the same power of 55w, xenon lamps consume half the power of halogen lamps. The service life is also ten times longer than that of halogen lamps, reaching 3,000 hours.

However, if our car uses xenon lamps, there is no problem in reaching this life span. However, if we change the halogen lamps to xenon lamps, we need to install a ballast. The function of the ballast is to instantly increase the 12V voltage of our car to 23000V. Use High voltage activates the poles of a xenon lamp to emit intense light.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 6

But this ballast will also affect the life of the xenon lamp. Generally speaking, the life of a modified xenon lamp is basically only 500 hours, which is slightly longer than that of a halogen lamp. We must be mentally prepared. Changing halogen lamps to xenon lamps, except that the lights are brighter, actually has the same lifespan.

Finally, there are LED headlights. They are more expensive and are rarely used in family cars. They are mostly used in high-end and luxury cars. Since they are expensive, they must be expensive for a reason. LED lights have strong brightness and low power consumption. They are almost There is no burnout problem and the service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours. It is very likely that our car will be scrapped and the LED lights will not break.

How long can car lights be used and how long is their lifespan? 7

There are so many advantages of LED lights, but you should also pay attention when changing LED lights. Heat dissipation is a problem when applied to car lights. If the heat dissipation is not good, the light decay will be serious. Friends who want to change must design a good heat dissipation plan.

Speaking of car lights, in fact, our car lights themselves have a strange design, that is, when we drive the lights at night, we will feel that one light shines far, one shines close, one light is high and the other is low. Why is it designed like this? Do you want to adjust it to the same height?

In addition to the headlights, the design of the fog lights is also very strange. Why are the colors of the front and rear fog lights different? One is yellow and the other is red. Also, why do some cars have one fog light and some have two fog lights? What is the reason? What's going on?

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