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How to change truck headlights? You must know these options

[Truck Home Original] The brightness of the headlights is closely related to driving safety. When the brightness of the original headlights of the vehicle cannot meet the lighting requirements for night driving, the headlights need to be modified. Some car owners pay more attention to the aesthetics of their car lights, and often change them in order to make them look better. So, what are the options for changing the lights? What should I pay attention to when changing lights? Let’s talk about it in detail below.

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 1

● Replace with brighter light bulbs

This solution is relatively simple. You only need to replace the original halogen bulb with a brighter halogen bulb, or replace the original LED bulb with a brighter LED bulb.

The power of halogen bulbs originally installed on trucks is generally around 55W. Common halogen bulbs range from 30 yuan per pair to 400 yuan per pair. Taking H4 halogen bulbs with a power of 100W and a voltage of 24V as an example, the price of a pair of bulbs is about 60 yuan.

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 2

The price of LED bulbs is relatively high. At the same time, because of the uneven quality of products on the market, the prices of LED bulbs of different grades vary greatly. Taking an LED light with a rated power of 100W and a voltage of 24V as an example, 1 pair of low beams plus 1 pair of far beams The price of the light is about 400 yuan.

● Turn on the lights and modify the headlights

This solution is more expensive than the first solution. Generally, the halogen lamp is changed to a xenon lamp or the halogen lamp is changed to an LED lamp.

1. Change halogen lamps to xenon lamps

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 3

Taking the Hella brand as an example, a complete set of bifocal lenses, xenon lamps, and ballasts costs about 3,000. There are many things to pay attention to when retrofitting xenon headlights:

The first is the need to install a ballast: the ballast is also a HID electronic ballast. Its function is to increase the low-voltage vehicle power supply to more than 23,000 volts through a transformer at the moment the power is turned on, activating the xenon lamp to emit strong light. It is very important to choose a suitable and high-quality ballast. If the ballast is not stable, xenon lamps are prone to flickering or even not lighting up.

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 4

Second, a lens must be installed: If the xenon lamp is directly installed in a lamp assembly without a lens, the light pattern will be scattered, the road will not be illuminated, and it will also shine into the eyes of the car owner on the opposite side, causing harm to others and not oneself. Unable to successfully pass the annual review.

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 5

Third, it should be noted that the color temperature of xenon lamps is not as high as possible: if the color temperature is too high, the penetrating power of the car lights in rain, snow and fog will be very poor. When replacing xenon lamps, it is recommended to use a color temperature of about 5000K, so that the light Brightness and penetration in bad weather are both considered and balanced.

2. Halogen lamps changed to LED lamps

When modifying LED lights, you must pay attention to heat dissipation problems. If the heat dissipation is not handled well, the life of the LED lights will be significantly shortened. When modifying LED lights, it is best to go to a regular modification factory. When choosing LED lights, choose a big brand.

● Replace the headlight assembly

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 6

Replacing the headlight assembly has the best overall improvement effect and is the safest, but the modification cost is also high. Generally, the price of a pair of original halogen headlight assemblies is around 2,000 yuan, the price of a pair of original xenon headlight assemblies is around 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, and the price of a pair of original LED headlight assemblies is about 10,000 yuan. many.

Some car enthusiasts may ask how to choose between LED headlights and xenon headlights? If the lamp is changed to the assembly, that is, the entire headlight is removed and replaced with the already installed headlight. In this case, changing the LED headlight is not a big problem. If you use the baking lamp modification method, that is, bake the shell in the oven, then break it off and then remove the reflective bowl inside and reinstall it. In this case, it is recommended to install xenon headlights because the LED lights generate too much heat. Failure to do so will cause problems with the car lights.

● What should be paid attention to during the modification process?

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 7

Card lovers should pay attention to the following issues during the headlight modification process:

1. Pay attention to the sealing of the lampshade

When sealing, you cannot blindly pursue speed. You need to be very patient to prevent water from entering the lampshade.

2. Pay attention to the wiring process

In addition to the wiring being as beautiful as possible, attention should also be paid to insulation. The lines must not be connected to the heating element, otherwise the wires will be short-circuited due to excessive temperature. The special line set needs to be tied with a tie to avoid contact with mechanical moving parts.

● The modification process must comply with legal regulations

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 8

It's true to pursue better lighting effects, but car enthusiasts cannot modify their headlights based on personal preference alone. Some truck owners like to install additional lights on their cars, and some even install long LED light strips on the bumpers. This behavior will seriously interfere with pedestrians and drivers on the opposite side and cause safety accidents at night. When the lights are turned on, it will also make it difficult to recognize the license plate. Like blocking the license plate, it will cause immeasurable harm and social impact, and it can basically be regarded as illegal modification.

"GB4785-1998 Regulations for the Installation of External Lighting and Signaling Devices on Cars and Trailers" clearly stipulates the number, location, light color, minimum geometric visibility, etc. of external lighting and signaling devices on cars and trailers, and proposes high beam, near beam, etc. The light must use a white light source.

How to change truck headlights? You must know these options 9

Article 8.5.2 of "GB7258-2017 Motor Vehicle Safety Technical Conditions" stipulates requirements for the luminous intensity of vehicle headlights. Relevant national departments also have regulations on the lumens of lights. Card lovers should note that the low beam should not be less than 1050 lumens and the high beam should not be less than 1450 lumens. In addition, the color temperature of car lights must not be higher than 6000K. When choosing the color temperature, card lovers are best to choose warm white light, whose color temperature is about 5000K.

● Postscript

In short, all truck owners should consider traffic safety when modifying their headlights. It is best to go to a regular service station to choose compliant bulbs for replacement, which can meet your own lighting needs without affecting other traffic participants. Do not take any You are joking with your own life and the safety of others. (Text/Yao Qijin Photo/Truck Home)

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