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How to deal with foggy car headlights

The importance of car headlights is self-evident, and improper use can easily cause accidents. Many car owners have found that their car headlights are sweating and a lot of water mist has accumulated. what can we do about it? When this happens, first analyze the cause of the fog. Only by finding the right cause can you get twice the result with half the effort.

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Foggy car headlights are usually caused by two reasons. 1: Changes in temperature difference cause fog. There is an exhaust hole on the back cover of the headlight assembly. The thermally expanded gas is discharged through this hole. However, during the cooling process of the headlight, some moisture will inevitably enter the pipe, which causes slight The phenomenon of fogging. Car owners do not need to panic when encountering this situation, as it will not affect the normal use of the headlights, and there is no need to go to a maintenance point for maintenance. As long as you turn on the high beam for about 10 minutes, the fog will slowly disappear. Remember not to use baking methods to remove fog to avoid damaging the car light assembly.

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Reason two for headlight fogging: wading or car washing causes water to fog up. For problems caused by car washing, rainy days and wading in water, you can open the dust cover of the car lights and turn on the headlights for about 15 minutes. The water mist in the car lights will begin to disappear. If too much water enters, you should check the sealing of the headlights. It is best to go to a professional after-sales service station for treatment to prevent moisture from corroding the circuit connectors.

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