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How to repair car headlights in Pakistan?

Today Da Haohao will show you how to renovate car headlights in Pakistan. It happened that my friend heard that headlights could be repaired in Pakistan, so he drove his Toyota to a small shop that specialized in headlight repairs. We all know that after being used for a long time, car headlights will become yellow and blurry after exposure to wind, sun, rain, and the light transmittance cannot reach the brightness of normal use. Basically, in China, the problem can be solved by directly replacing the headlight assembly.

But in Pakistan, the lampshade can be renovated and repaired, because it needs to be renovated as a whole, so the lampshade needs to be disassembled. In Pakistan, there is a shortage of materials. If there is no hot air gun, the master will use a gas blowtorch to heat around the lamp shell to soften the internal sealant. However, the temperature of the flame gun is not easy to control, so the master did not dare to heat it for too long and separate the lamp body and lampshade with his bare hands.

How to repair car headlights in Pakistan? 1

·After the lamp body is disassembled, the master will then remove the fixed frame from the lampshade to facilitate subsequent work.

·After the disassembly is completed, the master will first use soapy water to clean the entire lampshade. Because soapy water is alkaline water, it will not damage the lampshade and can also remove the yellowing oxide layer inside the lampshade. I really didn’t expect that Master Batie was actually a master of physics. Rinse once with soapy water and then rinse again with clean water to remove any foam on the surface.

How to repair car headlights in Pakistan? 2

·After cleaning is completed, the master will wipe the inside of the lamp housing clean with a rag.

·After wiping clean, you can assemble the lamp body and lampshade back together. Before installation, it is also necessary to use a gas blowtorch to soften the surroundings, and then the lampshade can be buckled back.

How to repair car headlights in Pakistan? 3

·After the lampshade is installed, use tools to install the fixing screws around the lampshade back to achieve the best sealing effect to prevent water intrusion during later use.

·After the headlight assembly is completed, the problem of yellowing on the surface of the lampshade can be solved. The master first uses sandpaper and water to polish. Because the gap between water and sandpaper is smaller, the grinding debris is also smaller, so there will be no serious scratches during polishing, so the polishing effect is more ideal.

How to repair car headlights in Pakistan? 4

·After polishing, in order to increase the gloss and brightness of the lampshade, use a polishing machine to polish it to increase its original transmittance.

After the polishing is completed, the problem of yellowing of the headlights is considered to be repaired.

What do you think of Master Batie’s craftsmanship? Please leave a message in the comment area. Thank you.

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