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How to turn on Volkswagen fog lights

Volkswagen fog lights are auxiliary lights used to provide additional road lighting in adverse weather conditions. They are usually installed on the front of the vehicle to enhance the driver's visibility and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Before using your Volkswagen fog lights, make sure you understand the following steps.

Step 1: Get to know the vehicle console

Before starting the operation, you first need to be familiar with and understand the vehicle's console. A Volkswagen's console typically includes several buttons and switches, including buttons to turn the fog lights on and off.

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Step 2: Start the vehicle

Make sure the car is started. Press the car's start button or use the key to start the car and wait for the engine to start.

Step 3: Find the Fog Light Button

Locate the button labeled "Fog Lights" or a similar icon on the console. This is usually located near other vehicle control buttons.

Step 4: Turn on the fog lights

Press the fog light button to switch it to "on". Depending on the vehicle model and design, the buttons may work differently. Some vehicles may require a long press of the button to turn on the fog lights.

Step 5: Verify Fog Light Status

How to turn on Volkswagen fog lights 1

Once the fog lights are turned on, you should be able to see the fog light indicators illuminate or the fog lights themselves illuminate. This means the fog lights have been successfully turned on.

Step 6: Turn off the fog lights

When you no longer need to use the fog lights, you can press the fog light button to switch it to "off". Also, depending on the vehicle model and design, the buttons may require different operation.


  • Please use fog lights when appropriate, such as in fog, rain or snow.
  • Before using fog lights, make sure you are familiar with road traffic rules and the legal requirements for using fog lights.
  • Before turning off your fog lights, make sure their auxiliary lighting is no longer needed.

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