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How to upgrade the car lights of JiKr009? One set of laser headlights with three sets of matrix modu

What car is as big as a Rolls-Royce and as comfortable as a Rolls-Royce? This is the Ji Krypton 009 in front of me. This is a pure electric six-seater MPV. The original car has matrix headlights like this, and the brightness can only be said to be quite satisfactory. So the car owner came to us and chose to upgrade to a set of reflective laser Ozim high-end Kirin series Ozim Kirin L8.

The low beam of this headlight is very good, and the high beam illumination range is very large. It is equipped with a set of Kirin module W2-01 single low beam and two sets of W2-03 single high beam condensing module. These two sets of condensing modules can perfectly assist the L8's high beam, making the entire car's high beam far and bright. Are you satisfied with this matching plan? Come and follow the video to complete the upgrade.

How to upgrade the car lights of JiKr009? One set of laser headlights with three sets of matrix modu 1

·Open the front cover and take off all upper covers. Take off the storage box, peel off the bumper, and put a towel on it to prevent scratching the paint. Carefully loosen the front piece and unscrew the screws.

·First remove the daytime running light assembly above the headlight, and then remove the headlight. I arranged for Tony, the best teacher in the store, to wash, cut and blow the headlights, and remove the outer modules of the headlights. In order to protect the lamp surface, apply as many layers of high-temperature protective film as possible and put it in the oven to heat at constant temperature for twenty minutes.

·Open the lamp surface, remove the original matrix headlight, install the new matrix small module on the special bracket, and adjust the relative position of the lights. Then install the new large laser lens, weld the wiring harness, put on the heat shrink tube, install it into the headlight, and install it in the car to test the light.

How to upgrade the car lights of JiKr009? One set of laser headlights with three sets of matrix modu 2

·After the test is completed, cover the lamp cover, clean the internal dust, and apply imported sealant to ensure that there will be no water intrusion for life. Install the lights on the car, reinstall the daytime running lights, install the front face, reinstall the storage box and all upper covers, and finally clean the light surface. Completed.

It looks more handsome after this modification, and the brightness is increased by more than 6 times. The car owner is also very satisfied. Leave the car model in the comment area and I will give you a plan.

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