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How to use lights correctly when driving on the road

How to use lights correctly when driving on the road 1

We all know that there are various lights on cars, but do you know how to use these lights correctly when driving?

1. Pull the light switch upward two sections to turn on the rear fog lamp.

When this light is turned on, the rear fog lights will light up at the same time, and the range of use is the same as the front fog lights. But I would like to add that many new students dont know that most cars only have one rear fog light. Because the rear fog lamp has a dazzling effect (that is, it will dazzle the eyes of people driving behind the vehicle), only one rear fog lamp is designed. A very few models now have dual rear fog lights, but Volkswagen models like this one have only one rear fog light, on the left side.

2. Turn the light switch to the right twice to turn on the headlights.

How to use lights correctly when driving on the road 2

The so-called headlights are the high and low beams. The high and low beams of the original car cannot be turned on at the same time, that is, the switching of the high and low beams. The switching handle is on the lower left side of the steering wheel. You can switch the high and low beams by moving it up and down. The modified lamp has the low beam on when the low beam is turned on, and the high and low beams on at the same time when the high beam is turned on.

Scope of use: According to the requirements, the turning on of the car lights is accompanied by the turning on of the street lights, that is, when the street lights are turned on, the low beam must be turned on. If there are road sections without street lights, the lights should be turned on at 7 p.m. According to the requirements, only the low beam can be turned on on the road sections with street lights, and the high beam cannot be turned on (because the high beam dazzles the eyes). If you encounter a road section without street lights, in principle, you can turn on the high beam.

3. Emergency alarm light.

Generally, there is a red triangle mark in the middle of the center console. Press it and the left and right steering lights will light up at the same time.

Scope of use: emergency alarm is to tell others that there is an abnormal state. Generally speaking, emergency warning lights should be turned on after an accident. When the car breaks down or there is an emergency, the emergency warning lights should also be turned on.

4. Turn the light switch to the right to turn on the position lights.

Turn on this light. In the front, two small lights will light up. In the back, the tail light will light up. In the car, the instrument panel light will light up, and the background lights of the stereo and air conditioner will light up.

The scope of use of this lamp is unclear. Therefore, the function of this lamp is not to illuminate the outside of the car, but to illuminate the interior of the car. For example, to check the driving computer data at night, etc. In addition, according to regulations, if the vehicle is used at night In the event of an accident, when parking on the roadside, a warning sign should be set up and this light and the emergency alarm light should be turned on.

5. Turn to the lighting combination.

Dial down to turn left, dial to the right to turn right, dial up and down to switch between far and near lights, and lift it up to change between far and near lights (what everyone often says is to shake the headlight). Lets talk about the scope of use. Everyone knows that you need to use the turn signal when turning, but many drivers on the road dont seem to know that you need to use the turn signal when changing lanes. When changing lanes, you must use the turn signal.

6. Pull the light switch upward (BA, not BO) to turn on the front fog lights.

Turn on this light, and the two front fog lights will light up. This light cannot be pulled up when the light switch is turned off, but it can be pulled up in the marker light section or the headlight section.

Scope of use, as the name suggests, fog lights should be turned on in foggy weather, and should not be turned on on sunny nights without fog.

The use of car lights is one of the essential skills when driving on the road. After all, driving at night is a normal thing for many drivers. If you cannot use the lights correctly. That may cause some trouble in the driving process.

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