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Huawei and Porsche Design Work Together Again to Create Watch GT 2 Porsche Design

Huawei officially launched Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche Design at the annual flagship smartphone mate 40 series press conference. Huawei and Porsche Design work together again in the field of smart watches to create a classic and luxurious Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche Design. As the most high-end product of watch GT 2 series, watch GT 2 Porsche Design inherits Huawei's innovative technology and the sense of future design of Porsche Design, and the new appearance opens a new era of smart watch design.Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche's streamlined body design evokes the beauty of speed. The "Porsche Design" logo and pointer scale above the sapphire glass mirror complement each other. The titanium integrated body and strap show a perfect matte texture after precise sand blasting process. It is high-grade and stable on the outside, solid and wear-resistant on the inside, and can stand the test of time, Outdoor sports are also handy.

Huawei and Porsche Design Work Together Again to Create Watch GT 2 Porsche Design 1

Huawei's New Titanium Watch buckle is firm and durable. It is screwed in. With a slight press, the watch buckle will automatically lock, beautiful and not convex. At the same time, press the buttons on both sides to release it quickly, retract and release it freely and complete at one go. Huawei's new quick detachable bamboo strap can be disassembled and adjusted with a light pull. It has become your high-value watch. The double crown button adopts a unique red coil surrounding design, which is highly recognizable and extremely comfortable. It is a symbol of high-end manufacturing technology. Press it lightly to start the journey of time exploration.

Porsche's exclusive dial is designed to be free from complexity and elegant. The classic pointer always lights the dial to make time flow between the wrists. The pointer and numbers make reading more convenient and concise. The back body is designed with the unique linear super running track designed by Huawei mate 40 RS Porsche, and the line speed super running track dial designed by Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche retains only the pointer, reflecting the sense of speed in the speed. The innovative chronograph dial only needs to touch the screen to carry out the timing function, and the personal time can be accurately controlled.

Extraordinary bearing, from the outside to the inside, the performance of Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche Design is also excellent. The amazing two-week super long endurance is the gene of watch GT series, making it a master of digital sports health precise management.Watch GT 2 porsche design can be seen on golf courses, ski resorts, mountaineering and going to sea. It has both hard and wear-resistant characteristics in addition to its luxurious texture. It has 50m waterproof capacity and supports data monitoring of more than 100 sports types. You can wear it wherever you go, whether indoors or outdoors.

Huawei watch GT 2 porsche design adopts the new Huawei truseen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology and 6-in-1 lens led, equipped with high-tech precision ceramic back shell, and sapphire glass is also used in the sensor part, making the heart rate monitoring transmittance better and more accurate. Wear it all day for comprehensive health monitoring, from heart rate, pressure, sleep to blood oxygen saturation. Not only that, the Huawei watch GT 2 Porsche Design supports all-weather automatic blood oxygen detection for the first time. It does not need operation. You can see your heart in minutes and seconds and care for your health all the time.

Huawei and Porsche Design Work Together Again to Create Watch GT 2 Porsche Design 2

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