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If the car headlights are foggy, is there a problem with the seal?

If the car headlights are foggy, is there a problem with the seal? 1

Recently, many car owners have complained on the car quality website that their car lights are fogging inexplicably. It is suspected that the car lights were not sealed tightly enough when the vehicles left the factory, which caused such problems. In fact, fogging of car lights is a common problem. We dont need to be too nervous about this kind of thing. Moreover, fogging of car lights does not necessarily mean that water has entered the lights, and it is not directly related to the sealing of the headlights. What are the causes of foggy headlights? How to respond correctly? Lets talk briefly below.

1. Foggy car lights do not necessarily mean there is a malfunction

If you find that your car lights are fogging, you will most likely think that the lights are damaged or the seal is not tight and leaking. However, in fact, fogging of your car lights does not necessarily mean there is a malfunction. Another reason is related to climate and temperature, especially in northern areas, where the temperature difference between morning and evening is large in spring and autumn. In this environment, turning on the car lights at night will cause the temperature of the car lights to rise. When the vehicle is turned off or the lights are turned off, water vapor will condense on the inside of the car lights due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside, causing the car lights to fog up. This This phenomenon is similar to windshield fogging in winter.

I believe many users may have this question. Arent the car lights sealed? Why is there water vapor running in? In fact, in theory, the car lights are sealed, but there is usually a ventilation hose left behind the car lights to maintain the balance of internal and external air pressure. In addition, in order to prevent suspended particles in the air from running into the car lights along with the airflow, air filtration and purification membranes are installed at the vents to prevent dust from running into the car lights.

If the car headlights are foggy, is there a problem with the seal? 2

Therefore, regarding the fogging of car lights, if it is just fogging inside the lamp cavity, it is not a big problem. This is caused by the large temperature difference at night. We can turn on the headlights, and the fog will disappear after a while. It will affect the normal use of car lights.

2. Water entering the car lights will cause the car lights to fog up.

Of course, some fogging of car lights is indeed caused by some malfunctions, such as external force on the lights or other reasons that cause problems with the sealing of the lights. In this case, there is the possibility of water entering the lights. In addition, poor sealing design of the lamp itself, improper sealing coordination between wiring harnesses, and damaged vents can also cause water to enter the lamp. According to statistics from Chezhi.com, from January to October 2020, Chezhi.com received as many as 620 complaints from car owners about "water entering the lights". Most of these failures occurred in self-owned and German brand models.

If there is a problem with the sealing of the car lights, pollutants, rainwater, etc. will enter the interior of the car lights during daily use of the vehicle. This will not only cause the car lights to fog up, but may also cause lighting system failure. This not only greatly reduces the appearance, but may also affect the safe driving of the vehicle.

3. How to determine the cause of fogging of car lights?

In fact, it is very simple to identify the cause of fogging of car lights. If it is just a simple fogging of headlights, small water droplets will usually appear inside the lampshade. When the temperature is high during the day or after the headlights are turned on for more than 15 minutes, the car will become foggy. The fog inside the lamp will dissipate. If there is obvious water accumulation in the car lights, it is necessary to suspect whether the headlights have been damaged or there is a problem with the sealant between the light housings. Especially after it rains or the car is washed, if there is obvious water accumulation in the headlights, there must be a problem with the sealing of the lights.

So, if you find that there is a lot of water in your car lights, how should you deal with it correctly? First of all, avoid turning on the car lights to prevent short circuits. The correct method should be to disassemble the car light housing and open the lampshade, drain the water out and dry it. At the same time, check whether the headlight housing is damaged. If there is any damage, the headlight needs to be replaced in time. Also check whether the sealant around the headlights has aged or cracked.


In fact, fogging of headlights is a common phenomenon in many cases. Dont be too nervous if you encounter it. It can be easily solved through the methods mentioned above. But if you find that water has accumulated in the car lights, you need to be more vigilant. This means that there is a problem with the sealing of the car lights. At this time, you must deal with it as soon as possible to avoid causing more losses.

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