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If your car lights keep fogging up, is it considered a disease?

Yesterday, a car owner came to the shop. He was driving a 2009 Buick. The left headlight was foggy. The car owner said that when it rains or after painting the car, it becomes obviously foggy or even water droplets, and he can't see the road clearly even when he turns on the headlights at night. He wants the car guy to help.

If your car lights keep fogging up, is it considered a disease? 1

Foggy car lights are not the same as water entering the car lights

After inspection by the car brother, he found that there was a crack in the upper left side of the car light, and the crack had serious water seepage. The car owner confirmed that there was a rear-end collision and he did not replace or repair the car in order to save money. The car guy used sealant to remove the headlights and basically solved the problem.

If your car lights keep fogging up, is it considered a disease? 2

In fact, many cars have the problem of headlight fogging. Slight fogging is considered a normal phenomenon, and it is not considered a disease as long as there is no water in it.

Why do you say that? Because the headlights of our cars are not a completely sealed design, because the headlights need to dissipate heat! Especially LED car lights, which are extremely hot and come with a small fan. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the lights will burn out immediately.

If your car lights keep fogging up, is it considered a disease? 3

Generally, car headlights are designed with heat dissipation holes. In humid and rainy weather, or after washing the car, there will be a temperature difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the lampshade, and then the air in the headlights will condense into water droplets and adhere to them. On the lampshade, a layer of water mist will form.

When encountering this situation, the solution is very simple. If we turn on the headlights for an hour, the water mist will disappear, because the heat of the headlights will evaporate the water mist, or it will disappear on its own after half a day. . Or putting some desiccant inside the lampshade can also solve the problem.

However, there is a situation where the water mist will not disappear for a long time, and there may even be water accumulated in the lampshade. That is, there is a problem with the sealing of the headlights, which is the problem of the above-mentioned car owners. When encountering this situation, it is best to go to the store for inspection. . How to judge whether it is water seepage or fogging? Brother Che will give you a few tips:

1. If there are two headlights, only one is foggy and the other is normal. It is probably a quality problem (water leakage due to poor sealing). If this happens, you can go to the 4S store to discuss it;

2. If there are obvious watermarks on the inner cover of the car lights, it is basically judged as water leakage from the car lights;

3. After using the car lights normally for 1 week (no brushing, no rain), if there is still water mist in the car lights, it can also be judged as water leakage from the car lights.

If your car lights keep fogging up, is it considered a disease? 4

Therefore, fogging of headlights depends on the degree of fog. Don’t panic when it fogs up. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that you must not use a drying gun or hair dryer to bake the lampshade in order to quickly disperse the fog, because it is used as a lampshade. It is plastic and will cause deformation.

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