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Importance of Choosing Light Source Color for Solar Lawn Lamp

The color of the light source used by the solar lawn lamp is very important for the performance of the lawn or park at night. The garden road is close to various plants. The solar lawn lamp light will also play a role in the light and shadow performance of plants. In order to display the plants with different colors and plant types perfectly at night, we must comprehensively consider the spectral energy distribution, color temperature and color rendering of the light source.

Whether the real color of plants can perform well depends on the spectral energy analysis of LED solar lawn lamp rather than the color rendering of the light source. In addition, color has an important impact on people's behavior. When designing solar LED lawn lamps, different light colors shall be used according to the grade, characteristics and surrounding environment of the Garden Road, so as to combine the cold and warm of the overall light color of the park, make some comparison, and also play the role of guiding and inducing tourists.

Solar lawn lamps are used in all green spaces in life. They have many kinds. As lawn lamps, they have lighting function. The most important thing of solar lawn lamp is that it has the effect of lighting. It has low ornamental appearance and can be widely used in areas requiring greening.

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Importance of Choosing Light Source Color for Solar Lawn Lamp 1

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