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Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights?

What is car language?

People communicate by language, and cars need lights to communicate.

Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights? 1

Alert the vehicle in front that the green light is on

Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights? 2

Car language: Flash your headlights

Many times when waiting for a light at an intersection, the light is green but the car in front shows no sign of starting. What should I do if I want to remind the car in front that it is time to leave? Just flash the headlights. If the driver of the car in front of you does not respond after being flashed, you can only honk the horn.

Emergency situations

Car language: Turn on the double flashlights

Turning on your twin flashers during an emergency is a well-known fact as it is known to all drivers who take to the road. This is actually the simplest light language, telling other vehicles that something is going on here.

Turn on high beam for oncoming vehicles

Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights? 3

Car language: Flash your headlights twice. If there is no response, you need to turn on double flashes and slow down the vehicle.

The most annoying thing everyone hates when driving at night is when someone turns on the high beam. The lights are so dazzling that it is difficult to see the road ahead, and it is easy to cause an accident. In this case, we can flash the headlights twice when we are far away to remind the other person to turn off the high beam. Be careful not to flash your headlights out of anger, because sometimes the other driver just forgets to turn on the high beam.

Vehicles forced to merge

Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights? 4

Car language: The headlights flash once to indicate agreement, and the headlights flash several times in succession to indicate disagreement.

When driving, we often encounter cars merging into lanes. Generally speaking, if cars merge into lanes, they will give way. If we cannot give way, we can flash our headlights several times to inform the merging car owner that it is inconvenient to give way.

Ask the vehicle in front to give way

Increase your knowledge, do you know these car lights? 5

Car language: Flash the headlights

If the car in front is driving slowly and you are in a hurry, you can flash your headlights to tell the driver that you want to overtake and prompt the driver to give way.

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