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Interpretation of Kia Electric Vehicle Plan S and HEV and PHEV at This Stage

In the era of turning, the most important thing is to pay attention to the survival rules of middle-end brand car enterprises, mainly focusing on the reshuffle of car enterprises in Europe, Japan and the United States. In this, modern Kia is more embarrassing. Because of its enterprise management and cultural particularity, everything depends on itself.Figure 1 Kia's EV strategic decision01

Interpretation of Kia Electric Vehicle Plan S and HEV and PHEV at This Stage 1

Interpretation of plan sNow, according to its overall company plan, it can be roughly divided into the following ways:1) For pure electric vehicles, Kia plans to increase from 4% in 2020 to 9% in 2023 and 20% (500000 units) in 2025; This includes the lineup of 11 electric vehicles, accounting for 6.6% of the global Bev market (it is estimated that the global sales will be 7.5 million BEVS by then)

2) Xev includes HEV and PHEV. The planning is from 8% in 2020, 18% in 2023 to 20% in 2025. In this way, a total of 40% of electrically driven vehicles are 1 million3) For the markets of developing countries, Kia still thinks it will focus on the engineFigure 2 strategic objectives for developing bev

Kia's pure electric vehicle matrix starts with soul Bev and Niro Bev, and there is a pure electric pickup truck; In addition, the CV concept car developed based on EMP platform in 2021 also includes ultra compact car, large car, compact SUV, medium SUV and MPV.Figure 3 Kia's pure electric vehicle matrixIn Kia's previous planning, it actually focused on the compatibility of HEV and PHEV, and basically did everything that can do HEV and PHEV. Due to the change of situation, this time is equivalent to adding a pile of BEV models before 2025.

Figure 4 planning matrix before KiaFrom the perspective of specific pure electric vehicle operation strategy, it mainly includes:At the same time, compatible Bev and special pure electric vehicle platform are developed, and the architecture is divided into 400V and 800V architecture

Interpretation of Kia Electric Vehicle Plan S and HEV and PHEV at This Stage 2

While developing Bev, expand the matrix of corresponding HEV and PHEV,Through cooperation with rimac, high-end sports cars rely on a joint venture with APTIV in terms of intelligent drivingFrom the perspective of differentiation, Kia's innovation in pure electric sales mode will also be through the comprehensive management of the whole life cycle of pure electric vehicles, including customized subscription mode and battery leasing scheme, which have actually been used in China

Figure 5 Kia's electric vehicle operation strategyFor the first Kia car built on this special platform, the wltp working condition may be 500 km, and the charging time is defined as 20 minutes. At present, the battery is added on the basis of the existing Niro 64kwh, and the biggest difference is the optimization of fast charging.Figure 6 Kia's next generation pure electric platform

02HEV and PHEV at this stage, and 48VThis is the electrification matrix of Kia at present, from 0.44kwh of 48V system to 1.46kwh of HEV and then to 8.9-11.26kwh of PHEV; Bev can be configured from 40-64kwh. Due to the definition of PHEV in Europe, Kia has a 13.8kwh battery system on the medium-sized SUV Sorento PHEV.

Figure 7 electrification matrix of KIAAt present, seltos EV and K3 Bev are battery systems similar to Niro Bev. The new car in Europe is Sorento PHEV. Several SUV PHEVs have emerged in Europe this year. Let's summarize later.Figure 8 Kia's new car planning table in 2020

Summary: in fact, South Korea's automobile industry is very divided in its main markets. Fortunately, South Korea also supports Bev and FCV at the same time. Hyundai Kia is relying on this to introduce Bev and PHEV in Europe and strive to make HEV in the markets of developed countries. Moreover, Kia's 48V system is also very interestingThe source of the article: WeChat official account: automotive electronics design] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.

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