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Introduction to car headlight repair training content

In the past, car owners chose to replace their car headlights directly if they were yellow and blurry. In fact, problems such as yellowing, blurring, and cracking of car headlights can be repaired and brightened. Headlight repair has saved many car owners a lot of money! Therefore, the market prospects for car headlight repair are very promising! Next, the editor of Huangpineapple will tell you about the content of car headlight repair training.

Introduction to car headlight repair training content 1

A lesson: Learn to understand the raw materials of headlights!

If you want to learn how to repair car headlights, you must first know the raw materials of car headlights: headlight raw materials generally include plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS, etc. 90% of the cars running on the road now have headlights made of Plexiglass resin raw materials, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other world-famous cars are no exception.

Lesson 2: Clarify the scope of car headlight repair!

Car headlight repair technology repair scope: mainly repairing the scratches on the surface of the headlights caused by many factors during the driving of the car, or due to the frequent invasion of car exhaust gas, damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays, and daily chemicals during use. Corrosion causes the appearance of car lights to become blurry, yellow, cracked, oxidized, etc.! (Note: It is necessary to ensure that the headlights do not penetrate into the inside, that there are no stains inside the headlights, that the plastic corners are intact, and that the headlights are intact. )

Lesson 3: Determine the degree of damage to the headlights that need to be corrected!

1. Generally, the scratches that can be corrected cannot penetrate more than 50% of the thickness of the lamp surface.

2. If the surface is yellow, cracked, blurred, or scratched, it depends on the degree of the appearance. If the degree is large, you need to remove the headlight, operate it, and check other conditions of the headlight.

Lesson 4: Actual car operation headlight repair!

After learning the contents of the first three sections, start practicing. The specific process is as follows:

1. Remove oil stains, sweat stains, wax (silicon), etc. on and around the lamp surface. Scrub as large an area as possible

2. Use a special oil-removal cloth dipped in a small amount of treatment agent to scrub the headlights. It not only removes oil and wax, but also has an anti-static effect.

What you should pay attention to in the first two steps is: if the oil and wax are not removed completely, sandpaper will easily get stuck during polishing, which will affect the cutting force, is not conducive to polishing, is time-consuming and laborious, and small oil holes will appear on the surface after construction, which is serious. Rework will occur.

3. Prepare for polishing. When polishing, you need to choose sandpaper appropriately according to the roughness of the surface! Prevent uneven sanding or sanding taking too long.

4. After polishing, wait for the headlight to dry, or use a special towel to help the headlight dry. After the headlights are dry, wipe them with a dusting cloth!

Introduction to car headlight repair training content 2

. Close the parts that do not need to be coated with a universal masking film or newspaper (this process is for the case where the headlights are removed).

6. Spray headlight repair information! (There are some tips for writing, so you need to listen carefully to the introduction by our Royal Pineapple technician)

7. After spraying the correction material, let it sit for two to three minutes. The headlight repair is now complete!

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