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Is it normal for the headlights (fog lights, rear combination lights, etc.) to be foggy?

Causes of fog:

When it rains or the air humidity is high, water vapor molecules enter the interior of the headlight through the ventilation hole (the function of the light ventilation hole is to maintain the balance of pressure inside and outside the headlight to avoid damage to the headlight due to excessive pressure inside the headlight). When the car is driving Or when the headlight is turned on, the water molecules in the lampshade are heated and turn into water vapor. The water vapor floats around and is emitted through the ventilation holes. However, when the humidity is high and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the headlight is large, the water vapor has no time to be discharged from the lamp. When it is cold, it will revert to water molecules. The water molecules will be concentrated in the lower temperature parts of the lampshade. After cooling, they will form lampshade fog or water marks. Just like bathroom glass or glasses fogging up in winter, it is an inevitable physical phenomenon.

Is it normal for the headlights (fog lights, rear combination lights, etc.) to be foggy? 1

Examples in life

Is it normal for the headlights (fog lights, rear combination lights, etc.) to be foggy? 2

in conclusion:

Sometimes there is fog or water stains in the car lights, which is a normal physical phenomenon and does not affect the normal use of the lights.

Methods to remove fog:

When there is fog or water stains in the car lights, turn on the headlights more often when the weather is fine. At a certain vehicle speed, the water vapor will dissipate faster, and the water stains in the lights will disappear naturally.

If there are traces of water in the lamp that cannot be dissipated through the above methods, please go to the Geely 4S store for repair in time.

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Is it normal for the headlights (fog lights, rear combination lights, etc.) to be foggy? 3

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