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Is it reasonable to upgrade your car lights? Can I pass the annual inspection? Shenzhen car light up

Many car owners have some worries before upgrading their car lights. Is it unreasonable to worry about upgrading their car lights? Worried about whether your upgraded car lights will pass the annual inspection? Today, we will solve your doubts about the traffic lights.

Is it reasonable to upgrade your car lights? Can I pass the annual inspection? Shenzhen car light up 1

Let’s find out whether upgraded car lights can pass the annual inspection?

1. Unqualified modification

During the annual inspection, the appearance of the vehicle body must be consistent with the driving license, so some overly exaggerated modifications will not pass the annual inspection. But the lighting upgrade is different. It is just an internal modification of the car lights. As long as the lighting meets the regulations, it will not affect the annual inspection.

2. Light brightness

Long-term use of car lights will cause the circuit to age and the bulb to age normally, resulting in dim lights; or some vehicles may have had an accident or the quality of the reinstalled lights is not up to par, resulting in insufficient lighting. No matter what the reason is, insufficient light brightness will result in failure to pass the annual inspection.

What should be noted here is that the low beam cannot be less than 1,000 lumens, and the high beam cannot be less than 1,450 lumens. At the same time, if the replacement car lights use too high lumens and the light is too strong, it will also cause the annual inspection to fail.

3. Illumination angle

The state's requirements for the illumination angle of lights need to be anti-dazzling and not cause harm to other vehicles and pedestrians. Many vehicles that fail to pass the annual inspection are because they did not follow the requirements during modification. For example, the often-called high-beam dog is a modification method of modifying xenon lamps without adding a lens, which has seriously affected others.

Therefore, as long as the brightness of the car lights is within a reasonable range, there will be no problem.

In addition, you can learn about the precautions for upgrading car lights:

1. Try to replace the original car lights to prevent unnecessary trouble during vehicle inspection.

2. The brightness of the upgraded car lights should not be too high or too bright, otherwise it will affect the driving of oncoming vehicles and cause safety hazards. 3. When upgrading car lights, be sure to go to a regular and professional car light upgrade shop to have a certain degree of quality assurance.

4. Before upgrading your car lights, it is best to go to the vehicle management office and ask if it can be upgraded.

5. When upgrading car lights, try not to damage the original car wiring.

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