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Is the headlight upgrade legal?

Article 97 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that the wattage of headlights cannot exceed 60W. For the act of directly installing xenon headlights without permission, according to Article 90 of the Road Traffic Safety Law, private modification violates vehicle safety principles and will be fined 200 yuan and deducted 3 points; if the original car's halogen headlights are replaced with Xenon headlights will be fined from RMB 500 to RMB 2,000 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law. Therefore, car owners must comply with these regulations when upgrading light bulbs, otherwise your car light upgrade may not be allowed.

Is the headlight upgrade legal? 1

"Safety Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation (GB7258-2004)" is the only standard for whether motor vehicles are qualified. The regulations on the lights only stipulate the power, minimum lighting brightness, color and illumination angle of motor vehicle headlights. There is no regulation on the maximum lighting brightness. This accordingly draws a minimum line for car light upgrades, and the specific operation depends on the evaluation standards of local regulations.

Is the headlight upgrade legal? 2

However, regarding the requirements for the brightness of car lights, currently, the national standard that can be found related to the "overbrightness" of car headlights is the national standard GB4599-94 "Automotive Headlight Light Distribution Performance". This standard requires vehicles to have "low beam, low beam, The brightness of the high beam is not dazzling.” But what is the standard of "not dazzling" is difficult to grasp in actual implementation.

Is the headlight upgrade legal? 3

According to industry experts, there is currently a relative lack of legal supervision in the domestic car lighting upgrading and modification sector, and local regulations are difficult to achieve actual results due to their limited binding force. Although the ambiguity of regulations gives the car light research and development market a lot of room to play, it also sets an invisible threshold for the car light modification market. Is the modification compliant? What is the standard for dazzling? What is legal? Many people don't have a clear idea. So there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area. Car lamp manufacturer Kaibo Optoelectronics reminds you: Consumers should abide by regulations and modify car lamps within the scope of regulations. For original cars with xenon lamps and halogen lamps, upgrade them to be brighter, safer, more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and have a longer life. LED lights are legal. You need to pay attention to purchasing high-quality LED lights to achieve the purpose of car lighting safety. For the original car with halogen lights, it is recommended to install a lens to avoid glare and affect the driving of cars in the opposite lane.

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