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Is there fog inside the headlight? Is it water?

If there is fogging inside the exterior headlights, it will be divided into the following two situations according to the severity of the fogging:

1. Water vapor inside the headlight condenses slightly, and no water droplets form on the surface of the headlight.

Is there fog inside the headlight? Is it water? 1

2. Water vapor inside the headlight is highly condensed, and large water droplets are formed on the surface of the headlight.

Is there fog inside the headlight? Is it water? 2

First, let’s talk about the reason for the slight condensation of water vapor inside the headlight in the first case:

The headlights currently equipped on vehicles have an open breathable structure. Mild condensation of water vapor is a normal physical phenomenon. When the temperature drops, warm water vapor will accumulate in the areas within the headlights where the temperature drops the fastest and condense into water. The dissipation of condensation is related to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and vehicle operating conditions. If the headlight fog can disappear quickly when the outside temperature is very high, then there is no need to replace the headlight. As long as the above conditions are met and the outside humidity is not high, the internal fog can be eliminated after turning on the headlights continuously for 30 minutes.

Is there fog inside the headlight? Is it water? 3

The second situation is the reason why water vapor is highly condensed inside the headlight:

First, check whether all lampshades, breathable components, plugs and lamp holders are in the correct position; whether the breathability of the breathable components is normal; whether there are cracks in the lamps (casing, lampshade, etc.); whether there are any additions or modifications related to the headlights; There are situations such as stranded roads wading through water.

Is there fog inside the headlight? Is it water? 4

If the above-mentioned external factors can be eliminated, the headlight assembly needs to be replaced.

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