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Is upgrading your car lights really as simple as changing the bulbs? Shenzhen Professional Upgraded

Today, when there are more and more car headlights, and when major players are setting up offline stores, the dim light of halogen lamps becomes more and more "not up to scratch". Not only does it have a short range and low brightness, but it is also low-cost. It is a complex structure of an automatic transmission with many parts, so it weighs more, and consumes more fuel due to its weight. At the same time, as the cost of modifying car lights decreases, many car owners simply replace halogen lights with xenon headlights or LED lights.

Is upgrading your car lights really as simple as changing the bulbs? Shenzhen Professional Upgraded  1

Although all the shortcomings of halogen lamps can be avoided by upgrading the car lights, some car owners feel that since they are just replacing the lights, there is no need to go to a car light upgrade shop. They can just buy the right bulbs and make enough money by themselves.

Is upgrading your car lights really as simple as changing the bulbs?

1. LED car lights need to be equipped with a cooling system

With the popularity of LED lights, we all know the advantages of LED car lights: "bright and energy-saving." The brightness of LED lamps with the same wattage is more than 3 times that of halogen lamps, and they start instantly, light up immediately, and have a long life. But LED has an obvious shortcoming, that is, it has poor heat resistance and poor heat dissipation performance. When the temperature is high, the LED lamp beads are easily damaged, and in severe cases, they can cause fires. Therefore, those models with standard LED headlights will design a heat dissipation system for the LED headlights so that they can work stably.

Therefore, if we directly replace the halogen headlights with LED headlights when upgrading the headlights, it will easily cause poor heat dissipation. This will drastically reduce the life of the LED lamp, and in severe cases may catch fire, causing unnecessary losses.

Is upgrading your car lights really as simple as changing the bulbs? Shenzhen Professional Upgraded  2

2. Upgrading xenon lamps requires installing a lens

Although xenon lamps are very bright and perform very well in terms of appearance, space, power, fuel consumption, etc. and have a long lifespan, they are more troublesome to modify. First of all, the structure is complex. If the modification technician does not have professional knowledge and excellent skills, Technology, it is difficult for xenon headlights to play their advantages.

Because modifying xenon headlights may not only require cutting and sealing of the headlights, but also the installation of lenses for models without original lenses. Some modification shops do not install lenses when modifying xenon headlights for consumers. As a result, the light is scattered, the driver cannot see the road ahead clearly, and oncoming cars are shaken terribly.

In addition to solving the problems of each light source, it is also important to note that when consumers choose headlights, it is easy to buy fake and shoddy products due to some external factors. Such headlights installed on their cars will have a negative impact on their own health. The drive was definitely adding to the burden. Even products from regular manufacturers are prone to problems if they do not comply with the electrical standards stipulated in the vehicle and if the modification skills are not mastered. Because today's vehicle control circuits are connected to the on-board computer, any problem may cause computer chaos.

Having said this, everyone should know that there are hidden dangers in changing and modifying car lights on your own. After being repaired by a non-professional repair shop, although the surface looks brand new, there may be safety hazards inside. Headlights are not only a set of professional and complex procedures, but also test the consumer's ability to identify fakes, the technical level of the modification shop, etc. A little carelessness can cause safety issues.

Therefore, Tuxiang Auto Lighting recommends that all car owners want to upgrade their car lights. It is best to choose a regular car light upgrade shop to protect the rights and interests of car owners as consumers and protect their own driving. convoy.

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