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It echoes well with the headlights

It echoes well with the headlights 1

"This is Honda's Fit. It can be said to be a masterpiece of "buy a car and get an engine for free" because it has a compact body, good power performance, and is small and cute, whether it is used for parking when commuting or as a family scooter. Vehicle At the rear, the new Fit has canceled the iconic "C" shape design of the current model, connecting the left and right taillights together, with the taillight in the center, making the overall shape more regular. The changes in the appearance of the new Fit are mainly concentrated on the front face. Both the headlights and the front grille adopt Honda's latest family-style design language. Compared with the slightly cute design of the current model, the shape of the new car is undoubtedly sharper. In terms of body color of the Fit, there are five choices. They are starry sky blue, nebula purple, crystal soul red, vivid green, glacier silver and Ruili red. This size is not dominant on Honda Fit, but Honda is still the leader in space utilization. In terms of size, Fit has a length of 4096 mm. The car's body design is also very interesting. Simple lines outline a dynamic shape. At the same time, the overall body is also spliced in yellow and black, which looks fashionable and individual. This is the new Fit In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts a very sharp and rounded design style. Its front air grille is not large in area and is also decorated with silver chrome strips. At the rear, the taillights of the new car are also the same The horizontal design is adopted, which echoes well with the headlight group.

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