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It's Not Easy to Go Online but Get Criticized? Samsung Bixby Was Wholesale too Late and "IQ" Was Low

? According to U.S. media reports on July 19, the voice control function of Bixby, an intelligent assistant of Samsung mobile phone, has been officially launched, but currently only supports English and Korean. Three months after Samsung launched its latest flagship product Galaxy S8 on April 21, the English version of the artificial intelligence assistant Bixby equipped with Galaxy S8 and S8 finally passed the test.Bixby will "fully support" the built-in software of Galaxy S8, including photos, phones, contacts, settings, cameras and reminders.According to Samsung, "users can let Bixby complete some simple tasks such as turning on the flashlight and taking self photos, or they can ask it to complete some complex instructions, such as" remind me to go to the grocery store to buy milk "or" find the photos I took in Spain and create an album called 'vacation' "; "Relying on interactive deep learning technology, Bixby can identify users' different preferences and ways of speaking over time."

It's Not Easy to Go Online but Get Criticized? Samsung Bixby Was Wholesale too Late and IQ Was Low 1

Reviewing the release process of Bixby, you will feel that Samsung's release of this product itself is very blind. Samsung began to promote Bixby before the release of Galaxy S8, and even designed a switch button on the side of Galaxy S8 mobile phone.But soon, it had to postpone the release of Bixby. After the official launch of Galaxy S8 in April this year, it postponed the release of Bixby to the summer.Now, the belated Bixby finally meets with consumers. What's the benefit? More importantly, how does Bixby adapt to the already crowded digital assistant market?

Here are some preliminary impressions of Bixby by Steve kovach, technical editor of businessinsider:Released too lateIt's 2017 now. It's a mistake to develop a digital assistant from scratch. Google, apple, Amazon and Microsoft are all ahead of Samsung, and they have greater influence in building an ecosystem around digital assistant. Fortunately, Samsung has a considerable number of developers who can develop various applications for this digital assistant, Even if this digital assistant can only be used with one mobile phone in one country.

Unclear positioningBixby is mainly designed to control the functions of users' mobile phones, rather than answer questions for users. This is not the digital assistant expected by consumers. Bixby can't answer many questions raised by users, but simply gives users a list of Google search results, which is of no use to users.Galaxy S8 also supports Google assistant. Should Bixby compete with it?

Among all the large technology companies, I think Google is the leader in machine learning, speech recognition and artificial intelligence. These are the key elements to achieve excellent digital assistant, which is why Google assistant is so excellent.Like all new Android phones, Galaxy S8 also supports Google assistant. In this way, Samsung users don't understand whether Samsung wants them to use Google assistant or Bixby? Samsung might as well cooperate with Google instead of developing Bixby by itself.Voice control is good, but it's embarrassing to use it in the wrong place.

It's Not Easy to Go Online but Get Criticized? Samsung Bixby Was Wholesale too Late and IQ Was Low 2

In fact, it is not necessary to change the basic functions of the mobile phone to voice control. For example, it is easy to adjust the volume by pressing and holding a button. Why do you have to use the voice command of "turn up the volume" or "turn down the volume"? Which method is more convenient and fast?However, Samsung has designed such functions for Bixby. Bluetooth, WiFi, screen brightness and volume can be controlled by voice and Bixby. In most cases, it is inconvenient or faster to control these functions through voice commands and Bixby.Of course, voice commands still work well in some applications. Bixby is only compatible with Samsung's native applications, such as calling, texting, reminder function, e-mail and some third-party applications, such as Gmail and twitter. I find it very effective and easy to use in most cases.

But as I said before, Bixby can only be used on one mobile phone in one country, so third-party developers are unlikely to add Bixby to their applications.In the future, it may become better and better.In theory, Bixby can and will become better and better. The more people use it, the more Samsung can let it do the right thing. In fact, Samsung seems to be encouraging Galaxy S8 users to use Bixby through some forms of rewards.

Samsung also has a technology called VIV, which was developed by the people who developed Siri. It is said that VIV is quite good and will eventually be integrated into Bixby. Although Bixby has the opportunity to compete with other competitors after being improved enough, at present, it is not a mature product.

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